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The CAP is a broad-based information service; that a view, opinion, or claim is quoted from a source outside of the CAP organization does not mean that the CAP management, administration, and its members share the view, opinion or claim.

I support the Hoffmans in this magnanimous work they have undertaken to clean up the educational systems of America. Let this case set precedence for all to study with the sobriety with which it is provided.

This site is a free service to Jodi and Paul Hoffman and their R.A.M.P./VOC: neither am I nor is the CAP charging anything for this service. It is my intent to make available to any interested individual information about the lawsuit, information surrounding the lawsuit, and their progress in battling sex education in public schools and other issues of victimization of children and/or their families. As information is provided, this special service will be updated.

This service to the Hoffmans and you will be maintained as long as I can maintain the parent CAP website or until this service is no longer needed.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

PREFACE: The contents of this site begins with Press Release #1 which is foundational to the rest of the material. Please take time to review Press Release #1 before you proceed to other material.


  1. Press Release #1, Lawsuit Description and Announcement
    The foundational material for this site. Much of the basics to this event are presented in the press release. Please consider printing and distributing it as much as possible. Send it to your local radio stations, TV stations, and any other broadcast media. Thank you!

  2. Flyer 1 for Printing and Distribution
    "Remove the Homosexual Agenda and Save America's Children!!!" Please consider printing this flyer and distributing it to everyone.

    The Hoffmans have granted the CAP exclusive rights to posting to the Internet their 4th amended complaint to the lawsuit against the Broward County School Board for inappropriate sex education. This version is also available for anyone to use as template for fighting sexaul liberalism and pansexualism in public schools in your own state. You are free to download or print this example of extremely thorough and detailed work of love.

    Please be patient -- this is a large document (29k).

  4. Flyer 2 for Printing and Distribution
    "WANTED: Persons who have gotten pregnant, had an abortion or contracted HIV/AIDS and/or other sexually transmitted diseases within the last 10 years..." [linked to sex education]. Please consider printing this flyer and distributing it to everyone.

  5. Disney Factsheet
    This is as it says...a factsheet about Disney/ABC. You might be saying 'Oh,goodie - another Disney factsheet. Well, you are correct. It is exactly that - a FACTsheet, not an opinion-sheet or a belief-sheet but a FACTsheet! We make no editorial or opinion-based changes to what we find. You get it the same as we get it.

  6. What SIECUS Wants Your Kids To Know About Sex
    WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  This article presents strong sexually-oriented material! It is offensive and even, to a point, vulgar and obscene. But this is what is likely being presented to your kids in school so you had best know it, too!

  7. Petition to Miami Herald and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
    A printable petition to the Miami Herald and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newspapers to remove for-sale sex an other sexual material. A good model for the same goal in your area.

  8. Press Release #2, Coalition for Democracy Survey
    A printable press release about infiltration of the Coalition for Democracy into the privacy of students and parents. As requested of you for Press Release #1, please consider printing and distributing it as much as possible. Send it to your local radio stations, TV stations, and any other broadcast media. Thank you!

  9. R.A.M.P Update July 26, 1997
    An update for your information. This posting provides status of their lawsuit, an account of witnessing moral violations, and provides wise comments. Please take the time to read and absorb this article.

  10. Do You Really Know What Homosexuals Do!?
    WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  This article is abrupt and vulgar and speaks to what is traditionally "dirty" subjects, but that is the reality of the homosexual lifestyle in light of God's Law. I have tried to soften the presentation as much as I could and still be accurate. It may seem that some of this article resides on the same level as the presentation style of the homosexual/sex education agenda. If it does, so be it! You need to know that which is presented herein. Remember, one of the goals of the homosexual agenda is to lower the age of consent.

  11. A Congressional Record: The Gay Revolutionary
    WARNING!!!  Many will find this reprint of an article frightening. When I first read it, it stirred in me desire for violent aggression: an aggressive violence to protect our kids. Maybe this is the feeling Simon Peter had when he cut off Malchus' right ear: a feeling to protect those we love from those who would have their way with our loved ones - our kids. May the Holy Lamb of God forgive me for that which I feel about these threats from Michael Swift.

  12. The Courage of a Daughter
    This is an incredible report which speaks of the great courage of the daughter of Joel and Felicity Backman, written by the Backmans themselves. The Backmans' daughter took a step against school 'orders' and informed her parents of the inappropriate sex education at her school. Oh, what a wonderful young woman to step forward and stand against the invasion of the liberals and pansexualists into public education. This report also speaks of the courage of Joel and Felicity to fight for that which they know is right and to combat that which they know is wrong: to stand against the power of a school board and tell them exactly where they stand against the convictions of a family who loves Jesus and His Law. Let us praise God for the Backmans.

  13. A Letter to America: They Know Full Well...
    This letter from Jodi Hoffman is to every American citizen. There can be little said to fortify its message other than it offers wisdom and insight probably possessed by 94% to 97% of us. All I would like to say is please really listen to the power of "They know full well that their precious work could be crushed in one coordinated move of that great sleeping giant known as "The People."

  14. The Coalition for Democracy Survey
    This is the survey from the Upstate New York Coalition for Democracy, P. O. Box 5341, Albany, New York 12205-0341 referenced by "URGENT PRESS RELEASE, RELEASE #2, Coalition for Democracy Survey." The cover letter for the survey and the survey are presented VERBATIM from hardcopy of them. I prepared both the cover letter and survey manually with an HTML editor, word processor, and a graphics program (they were not scanned), so there may be errors not present in the original. This is a large, graphic-intensive file so please be patient.

  15. State by State Alerts
    This folder is continually under construction. State by State Alerts is provided to display state, national, and international alerts as information becomes available. Anyone is welcome to submit alerts for posting to this site. Submissions found to be credible are likely to be posted. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE NATIONAL (US) ALERTS PAGE FIRST - THERE ARE ALERTS ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL THAT IMPACT EACH AND EVERY STATE INDIVIDUALLY!

  16. William Weld and Homosexual Indoctrination
    "Gay activists are fond of calling Massachusetts' outgoing Republican governor Bill Weld the nation's "most pro-gay governor," and it's easy to see why. Like Nixon going to China, Weld has blazed a new path for the Grand Old Party, infuriating social conservatives with his zealous advocacy of homosexual "rights." To understand how far Weld has pushed the pro-gay envelope in Massachusetts, one need look no farther than the schools. Under his helm, Massachusetts has become ground zero in the movement to promote homosexual-affirming educational policies, and the state's "educrats" are working with gay groups to export them to other school districts nationwide." This is a long article - you may want to print it then read it. It was four eye-opening and revealing exposé pages from my system. Thank you to Fred and Joan Battey and their educational email loop for providing the text of this article.

  17. APA Risks Serious Mental Health Consequences...Homosexuality
    Akin to the AMA (American Medical Association), the American Psychological Association (APA) is apparently ready to "come out of the closet" with a requirement that the psychological practitioners must tell patients it is normal and healthy to be homosexual.

    • American Psychological Association (APA) Action Followup #1
      The APA action to threaten the basic freedom to seek counseling for sexual disorders has come true: "...a recent action by voting members of the American Psychological Association, who approved a resolution condemning reparative therapy for homosexuality and calling for therapists to declare that homosexuality is normal and healthy." "The APA is basically telling parents that they can obtain pro-gay therapy for their children with ease, but must face a roadblock to counseling that could straighten their kids out." Also, The Family Reseach Council supports an ex-gay rally at the APA headquarters as "powerful witness for the truth."

  18. Do You Hate Homosexuals?
    I received an email from a visitor named Glenn who was confused about a statement I made in our posting What SIECUS Wants Your Kids To Know About Sex. The statement was "We must love the homosexual, but likewise we must hate homosexuality." Glenn's message sounded patient, humble, and sincere. I prayed that Jesus would give me the words He wanted Glenn to hear, so I just let the fingers fly with little thought - this posting is the result - the email exchange verbatim.

  19. Homosexual Cartoons. What is next!? If you find any widely used cartoons or cartoon strips with a homosexual agenda, you are welcome to notify me of them or submit them for posting here.

    • For Better or for Worse Does It Again (press release)
      R.A.M.P. joins our friends

      • The Christian Alert Network (TCAN)
      • the American Family Association (AFA)
      • the Christian Family Network (CFN)
      • the ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

      in urging you to take the suggested action as outlined in this Press Release. A nationally published cartoon strip, "For Better Or For Worse" is for the second time, pushing homosexuality on families. Newspapers across the nation are once again blatantly disregarding family values and morality by running the series.

    • Doonesbury 10/5/97 (commentary)
      The For Better or For Worse newspaper cartoon strip has no corner on introducing homosexuality to children -- Doonesbury is getting in on the act. While Doonesbury has always been a very liberal, left wing, political cartoon, some frequenters of the Sunday morning cartoon section of the newspaper may not be aware of the homosexual theme in Doonesbury. Further, while Doonesbury may not be appealing to children, such material has no place on an entertainment medium frequented by children. It is interesting that Garry Treudeau, the "author" is married to Jane Pauley, the TV news personality. I wonder if they have kids and if they read Treudeau's cartoon strips.

  20. Overview - Goals 2000 by Kathy Finnegan
    Joan Battey sent us this overview by Kathy Finnegan, author of GOALS 2000: Restructuring our Schools, Restructuring Society. Kathy understood that people needed to know what was in her 350-page book but were always "too busy to read it." It is rare that an author will take the time to oblige those "too busy to read" but Kathy felt that people MUST know the facts, and if putting this added effort in will help, she was glad to do it.

  21. The Will of Congress is Being Thwarted by Gary D. Swant, SAFE Inc.
    Mr. Gary D. Swant, president of the Sexual Abstinence and Family Education (SAFE) Inc., is author of this special alert article prepared exclusively for the CAP/RAMP. "The truth is that abstinence-only programs have demonstrated promising results in changing attitudes and behaviors. A longitudinal study of "Choosing the Best" showed strong success with teenagers. The "safe-sex" cartel have been trying to hide their true social agenda and cover the failure of its own programs. The double-message of "abstinence is best, but here is how to use a condom in a responsible way" has been both a STD and pregnancy-prevention disaster."

  22. Reports on It's Elementary
    • It's Elementary: The Film - Sponsored by Project 10 by Captain Phil Graf, Coast Writers Association
      Most of us have heard about this film, some have seen it, few have published objective observation of it. Captain Phil Graf of the Coast Writers Association has. Captain Graf has granted the CAP permission to reproduce his report verbatim here. Includes examples of my claim of the mind-disrobing corruptive and destructive invasion of the homosexual agenda into the wholesome moral fiber of our children at an age before they can even spell 'morality.'

  23. Reports on The Giver by Lois Lowry
    • The Giver: Kossor Education Newsletter.....Volume 4 Number 10
      This report on The Giver is by Steven Kosser of The Kosser Education Newsletter. Steven is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist who is in private practice in Pennsylvania. He has debated William Spady and other top promoters of education "reform" and is available as a speaker nationally. "There is no way that young children should be exposed to the patently negative, destructive images of parenting and the future contained in this morbid, depressing, nasty little book." "When young children take the imagery of The Giver into their minds, especially when the dosage is prescribed by an adult authority figure, the child is faced with a despicable choice: Prove that he or she is "tough enough, old enough and mature enough" to handle the disturbing imagery -- or publicly declare themselves to be a baby."
    • The Giver: Serving The Greater Whole An excerpt from Brave New Schools With Correlation to The 21st Century Global Village and Discussion with School Personnel
      This article by Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries is an extremely dynamic and flowing presentation of one of the most corruptive and destructive tools availble to public education. As your brother in Christ, I beg you to do whatever you morally can to remove this book from the shelves of our schools. We are likely to pay dearly if we don't.

  24. Reports on It's Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris
    • It's Perfectly Normal, LEGISLATIVE REPORT
      John A. Stormer has prepared a report of his findings about this book. Graphic presentation of
    • maturing teen physiology
    • sensuality
    • promiscuity
    • homosexual exploration
    • sexual intercourse
    • street language
    • masturbation techniques
    • abortion as an escape from unwanted pregnancy
    • are included in this book. Does that make this book any better than HustlerTM or PlayboyTM or PlaygirlTM?

  25. How Did They Do It by F. Earle Fox and David W. Virtue of the ROAD to EMMAUS==>>
    F. Earle Fox and David W. Virtue have graciously permitted me to post on my website some of the true wisdom God has given them so that you may come to know how the homosexual movement seems to have become so successful. This is by far the best explanation I have ever had the privilege to read. The logic is inescapable.

  26. Proclomation for the Sepration of School and State ©1997 Separation of School & State Alliance
    Please consider printing, signing, and mailing this form to the Separation of School & State Alliance.

  27. The American Sovereignty Amendment: Slamming the Door to Globalist Control of Our Nation. ©1997 Marlin Maddoux, Point of View Radio Talk Show
    While this topic may seem a little out of character for the Sex, ABC and Disney (SAD) folder, please read on. "The 'Rights of the Child' Treaty would force parents to allow their children to watch pronography, refuse to attend church, join a gang, have sex, and get an abortion." "The 'Rights of Women' Treaty would dictate that radical feminism and condom-based Sex Ed be taught in schools no matter what your local government says. The progress Christians are making against condom-based sex education would be wiped out." Unless we act and act boldly, we may have seen the beginning of the end of America as a sovereignty. Who then do you suppose would suffer the most? Who then would be controlled most by by the government?

  28. Survey, Questionnaire, Exam, Other Analyses
    This is what will become a long series -- a repository -- of analyses of surverys, questionaires, exams, and other participative tools used by the public school systems to glean invasive non-schoolastic informtation from students: surveys, questionnaires, exams, and other tools to solicit personal and private information from students and their families. Please check back each month or so for new analyses.

    Everyone is invited to submit material for analysis. The submitted material must, however, be verifiable and prefereably on authetic letterhead. This is a free information service and no charges of any kind are made, thus no compensation can be offered. There is no assurance that the material you submit can be returned.

  29. An Interview with the Hoffmans, October 10, 1997
    Thanks go the the Hoffmans who granted the CAP an opportunity to share with you the responses to several of my questions. Prayerfully, the interview will help you in your fight to clean up our public education systems.

  30. This is 'Health' Cirriculum's Lewd Legacy
    This is an article by Ray Kerrison of the New York Press staff. I, for one, applaud Ray's audacity and courage to stand so boldly against the power of the educational establishment. Ray compacts many reports of sexual improrpiety into a flowing accounting of the impact of the sexual freedoms taken with our kids in public schools. I am elated that Ray has stepped forward with a statement which corroberates the findings of the CAP.

  31. The Mark of the Beast
    This posting is on the main CAP website under Commentaries in CAP Reports. Because of the increased urgency of the target of the message in this article, I felt it prudent to add it to this special folder donated to the Hoffmans. While the message may seem a little out-of-character to the theme of combatting homosexuality and sex education in public schools in this special folder, it warns us of the same kind of big-brother, we-know-what's-best-for-you control the government is using on our kids in the name of public education.

    • The Mark of the Beast - Followup
      This posting is verbatim from an email message I received from Fred and Joane Battey, masters of an educational information email loop. I am presenting this report as a followup to The Mark of the Beast from Peter and Paul LaLonde through Dr. Marlin Maddoux and his Point of View Radio Talk Show to provide evidence of the accuracy of Peter and Paul LaLonde's projection of the use of a microchip to track people. The chip is in place and being tested as I prepared this posting.

  32. School Program Teaches About AIDS
    This is a different approach to sex education in high school. A interactive experiment was conducted amoung seventy students at Taylor Allderice High School. In-school, in-room chemistry provided evidence of the ease with which AIDS is spread as three of every four students became infected with the mock HIV. While still sex education in public schools and while it still relies of explicit sexual discussion among extremely vulnerable and impressionable kids, this demonstration provided an object lesson: that AIDS (as a vehicle for demonstrating the communicability of sexually-transmitted diseases) is indeed extremely easy to spread.

  33. Facts to Ponder: The Walt Disney Company...
    While we provide a Disney Factsheet presenting a great deal of evidence and information about the homosexual agenda of The Walt Disney Company, this collection of facts from Dr. D. James Kennedy, president of the Coral Ridge Ministries deserves a posting of its own. "Please stand with Dr. Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries [and the ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of the American Culture (CAP) and the R.A.M.P.] to call for a dramatic turnaround in the culture-shaping work of The Walt Disney Company!" If only Walt were still alive...

  34. I Now Pronounce You Husband & Husband, Maybe Wife & Wife...At Seven Years Old
    From The WIRE - News from the Associated Press (AP), November 18, 1997, Todd Spangler. A story comes to us from Dover, Delaware: 2nd Grade Wedding Causes Hullabaloo about 2nd grade students getting married in-class. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong!!! At least not the way it was staged in at least one of Mrs. Ede Outten's classroom sessions at Star Hill Elementary. Her version of the mock marriage ceremony was between same-sex participants, which falls concurrent with the recent acceleration of the homosexual agenda to get laws passed to permit same-sex marriage.

  35. Lesssons on Homosexuality Taking Hold in U.S. Schools
    "How would you feel if homosexuals were the majority and the law said you had to be homosexual to get married?" Imagine your nine-year old daughter telling you this in an after-school discussion about what she learned at school today. Especially when your daughter doesn't even know sex yet, let alone homosexuality. Well, that is what kids are learning in our politically correct institutions of education today: distortion and corruption of moral standards and inhibitions. Carol Innerst of the The Washington Times prepared a report on November 26, 1997 revealing the general impact of homosexuality in schools. Carol's report is provided with permission verbatim from Carol's work.

  36. The Barry Bear Story UPDATED MARCH 25, 1998
    While this story may seem to have nothing to do with combatting sex education or homosexuality, please remember that our objectives include combatting the victimization of children and their families. The Barry Bear story is indeed a story of child victimization and serves as a warning to homeschoolers of what to watch for.

  37. Genital Exams and Strip Searches in Public Schools
    • A Cinderella Nightmare: Genital exams in public schools spur call for legal protection by Joe Maxwell for WORLD magazine
      Susie Tucker has been violated. And so have 57 other 6th grade girls of the J. T. Lambert Intermediate School of the East Stroudsburg Area School District in Pennsylvania. The girls were subjected, for the most part involuntarily, to genital examinations ordered by the school system. In spite of reports of injury and pain caused by the exams, the East Stroudsburg School District says "There were no improrpieties on the part of the physician or district employees." And, says the Pennsylvania State Police, it [the exams] was not illegal. Illegal or not, "it" was an immoral violation of the physical privacy of 58 adolescent girls!

  38. Press Release #4, Announcing Settlement Agreement
    The long-awaited press release announcing the agreement reached between Jodi Hoffman and the Broward County Florida School Board -- available for you to download or print as needed.

  39. The Actual Settlement Agreement
    Also available for you to download or print as needed.


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