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On May 1st, Jodi Hoffman, a Weston mother of three, sued the Broward County school district for teaching inappropriate sex education to over 220,000 children in public schools in direct violation of Florida Statutes and Broward County School Board policy. This is the first time in American history that a major metropolitan public school curriculum has been so extensively challenged in the courts.

Trial by jury has been requested. This is a precendent setting case and is being hailed in Washington as "the trial of the century", as the results of this trial will set the stage for the removal of sex education across the country! Florida Statues require that "abstinence be promoted" and that curriculum "respect the rights and conscience of parents".

The video portion of the course was produced by ABC/Disney network. The video teaches children that hard-core pornography has First Amendment protection. It also teaches them how much abortions cost, where and how to get one, what states are not enforcing abortion laws, and how to keep their parents from finding out they are getting condoms, contraceptives and abortions. Text includes more than 50 articles which promote premarital sex, teen sex, 'coming out', being young and gay, crossdressing, adultery, promiscuity and homosexuality as appropriate lifestyle choices. Other materials include photos of teenage homosexuals lying on a couch hugging and kissing, wearing ballgowns and competing in 'beauty' pageants plus ads for nude strip clubs, massage parlors, escorts services, two-women nude shows, nude friction dancing, nude lap dancing, and more.

Mrs. Hoffman's husband, a successful Miami attorney, gave up his law practice to pursue the case after attempts to reason with the school board proved futile. He has been asked to file a similar lawsuit in Miami-Dade County.

This is one battle that decent American cannot afford to lose! At state is the right of parents to preserve their children innocence and moral values. The very existence of the American family is in danger because of the explicit sex 'education' and promotion of homosexuality in public and private schools today.

The Hoffmans have no income, yet they are determined not to give up their fight! Please help them in this historic battle to get sex education out of our nation's schools.

R.A.M.P. - Restore America's Moral Pride

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