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Doonesbury of 10/5/97 Gets in on the Act

The For Better or For Worse newspaper cartoon strip has no corner on introducing homosexuality to children -- Doonesbury is getting in on the act. While Doonesbury has always been a very liberal, left wing, political cartoon, some frequenters of the Sunday morning cartoon section of the newspaper may not be aware of the homosexual theme in Doonesbury. Further, while Doonesbury may not be appealing to children, such material has no place on an entertainment medium frequented by children. It is interesting that Garry Treudeau, the "author" is married to Jane Pauley, the TV news personality. I wonder if they have kids and if they read Treudeau's cartoon strips.

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For those of you monitoring what is typically in the circle of influence from which school-age children begin to perceive life.

RE: Sunday newspaper cartoon strip, Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau, October 5, 1997.

Doonesbury is apparently carried by these newspapers (at least these were listed on the Doonesbury website:
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegram
Detroit Free Press
Emporia Gazette
Kansas City Star
Phoenix Newspapers-Arizona Central
Riverside Press Enterprise
Sacramento Bee
St. Louis Dispatch
Star Tribune
Virginia Pilot
Washington Post

I suspect there are many, many more but only these were listed, maybe because these were the only ones to announce their websites with access to Doonesbury cartoon strips.

PANEL 1: A character I believe is Doonesbury (I rarely read this cartoon and cannot be assured of the characters' names), who is apparently a male, comes home and says "I'm home!" A voice balloon from the right says "What happened to YOU?"

PANEL 2: Doonesbury enters the kitchen where the second character (apparently male) appears, clean-shaven, in a necktie and apron with long stringy frontal hair touching his nose but business-man short elsewhere. Doonesbury said "Had to pull a double shift...Smells good!" The second character says "Just leftovers, I'm afraid..."

PANEL 3: With Doonesbury in the foreground shadows, the second character, while stirring something with ostensibly a ladle, says "Picked up some good Merlot, though. I'll bring it to you in the living room."

PANEL 4: While on a couch in the living room reading a newspaper, Doonesbury says "What a day. It's good to be home..." While pouring two glasses of what appears to be the Merlot (whatever that is), the second character says "Amen to that!"

PANEL 5: In a silent setting, the two are sitting on a couch with the two glasses of libation. Doonesbury, still wearing the necktie, is reading the newspaper and the second character is breaking green beans in a bowl, still wearing the necktie and apron. The lips of the second character seem to be more pronounced in this and the final panel.

PANEL 6: Doonesbury asks "So how's the Beav, June?" The second character replys "In hot water again. Could you talk to him?"

There are what may be additional subtle indications:

  • a strong purple/lavender close-to-pink theme
  • a peculiar way of holding a rather large green bean pod in the final panel - I have broken green beans and I never needed to hold one that way
  • strong indication of normalcy and "family" warmth

    Is Doonesbury now following the same agenda as For Better or for Worse or has it been this way for some time?

    I may be wrong but a visit to the Doonesbury website convinces me this cartoon strip is one of the gentle, subtle, slow, and even invisible ways (invisible to kids) the homosexual agenda is forcing themselves on our kids. I am certain the rationale behind such freedom of invasion is that this cartoon strip is not intended for kids but is intended for adults. If true, then why place it on a page with children's cartoons.

    Maybe your young son or daughter has seen a similar scene in your home with dad [male] reading the paper with mom [female - sad that I need to clarify the genders] sitting next to him while she breaks beans, or knits, or mends, or other traditionally "mom" stuff. Maybe now, after seeing only the pictures, your kids will envision that mom can be replaced with some man? Dad, have your kids ever seen you on the couch snuggling with or kissing your wife?

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