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The CAP is a broad-based information service; that a view, opinion, or claim is quoted from a source outside of the CAP organization does not mean that the CAP management, administration, or its members share the view, opinion or claim.


From here, you are provided with links to CAP topic pages and satellite CAP sites. At the end of each topic and satellite site are links to the CAP Home Page or use your BACK button to return here.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid confusion, you should first visit CAP Introduction for a non-technical description of the CAP and the CAP Flyer for Distribution for a good overall picture of the CAP Ministry. The remaining topics may then be visited randomly with minimal confusion. For a semi-technical description, please visit CAP Methodology.

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  1. Awards
    To His glory!

  2. Be a CAPtain

  3. Back to School Special
    "This is NOT a typical commercialized back-to-school special for tots and teens. This page is entirely for parents and grandparents of school-aged children to help you identify signs and signals of interest in occultism/Satanism. Following are a few, and only a few of the symbols used by occults and satanists."

  4. Blantant Media Bias
    CBS' Pro-"Gay" Bias: Marketing Homosexuality to America. From the Stephen Bennett Ministries.

  5. CAP Board of Directors
    The men and women who guide the CAP.

  6. CAP Evangelism Page

  7. CAP Flyer for Distribution:
    You are welcome to print it and redistribute it as you wish. [A PDF file]

  8. CAP Foundation

  9. CAP Goal

  10. CAP Graphic Data Display Explanation
    and how to use the CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Reports to help you make an informed decision. [A PDF file]

  11. CAP Introduction
    The CAP Introduction provides you the most complete and inclusive nontechnical nutshell presentation feasible on one web page.

  12. CAP KIDS Page
    Special articles and stories just for KIDS. This is a satellite CAP site with its own Table of Contents. There is nothing offensive or compromising here -- everything could be rated G. But because some of the material here is somewhat abstract, Mom and Dad should read the articles and stories with the kids.

  13. CAP Methodology
    A technical description of the way we conduct investigations and of the analysis models used. Includes the

    • Numeric Analysis Model (the CAP Model)
    • Entertainment Media Analysis Model (the CAP Media Model)
    • Influence Density (ID)

  14. CAP Mission

  15. CAP Objective(s)

  16. CAP Reports
    Frequently updated. Another satellite CAP site. CAP Reports include:

    • Entertainment Media Analysis Reports - Christian movie "reviews" For Parents & Grandparents (More than 1500)!
    • Special Reports
    • Commentaries

  17. CAP Rule of 1000
    Exposé of another device of Hollywood.

  18. Fear of God
    Should we be afraid of God?

  19. Findings


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