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Some visitors have wondered what people have been saying about the CAP. This listing presents a few verbatim comments about the CAP. Only the professional testimonials include names. In respect for the privacy of individual commentors, their names are not included. If you wish to leave your own comments, a link to our email is provided at the end of the listing. Your comments, positive or not, may be included in this posting. If your comments are selected for posting herein, the posting will not include your name, organization, website, email address or any other proprietary information about you unless you direct me otherwise.


Many opinions that are heavily formed by the influence of the media are often more based on what the media WANTS people to believe/think, rather than based on anything approaching objective reality. Your intentions -- to reveal the TRUTH on a subject the public is made to think they already "know all about."

Pastor John Collins, Greater Grace World Outreach

We appreciate your efforts to uphold a Godly standard in our society and hope to hear from you soon...It is clear you have put a great deal of time and effort into developing a reliable, objective method for evaluating the moral appropriateness of popular films. We want to encourage you in the undertaking -- such tools are invaluable to the efforts of concerned parents to monitor the media messages being communicated to their childeren.

Diane Passno, Vice President of Ministry Correspondence for Dr. James C. Dobson, Focus on the Family.

Thank you for the service you provide for parents and others interested in quality media products.

The Office of Nebraska Attorney General Don Stenberg is currently actively invovled in the issue of violence and illicit sex on television and what parents can do to change what networks show on prime time viewing.

Thank you again.

Dan Parsons, Special Assistant to the Attorney General

...the intelligence and the thoroughness with which you have put together the plans for the ChildCare ActionProject...the esteem which I have for CAP...I appreciate your desire to involve me in this wonderful project.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, President of the Coral Ridge Ministries

[Observation of email exchanges with proponents of the homosexual agenda]

I like your style; forthright, intelligent, and incisive....Your reasoned responses to the madness directed at you by arrogant and ignorant people is inspiring, to say the least.

[Feedback about Entertainment Media Analyses]'re providing a great resource in telling the unbridled truth...

Nobody likes to look at themselves in the mirror when the reflection is less appealing than what they've come to expect to see. The CAP's objectivity makes every illusion that a person may have about his/her ability to discern wholesome and unwholesome media influences *painfully* obvious. Everybody loved TITANIC but the CAP analysis puts it in a proper, objective perspective.

Steven Kossor, Practicing School and Clinical Psychologist

...commend you on the motive, and the dilligent work.

Graeme D. Coad, Chaplain, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

I appreciate receiving the media analysis model the ChildCare ActionProject (CAP) has developed to monitor and report on the content of popular video entertainment.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas

This sounds like a most worthy endeavor and I want to wish you success in your efforts.

Michael Medved, WTTW - PBS Television

It looks like you have a huge undertaking before you. We certainly commend you for your efforts on behalf of Christian children and their parents who have a very demanding task these days.

Bob Marshall for Dr. Jack Hayford, Living Way Ministries

...I consider you an invaluable resource based on your contributions. In many ways, you give us someone to look up to.

Fred Battey, Educational email loopmaster

Website Visitor Comments

After reading your response to a few of my messages I feel I have a much better understanding of you as a person. Over the last few days God has also been using people in my life to expand on his teachings and to more fully grow me. I now can fully understand your viewpoints and indeed agree with them. Im very glad that there is someone out there as capable as you to try and do such a thing. I honestly do hope that God will bless every endeavor that you hope to do.

I think some of my response is probably from being a newer christian, and through the fact that I live on a College campus. I just heard a sermon from a church elder last night that 'Our life dictates our belief' but as christians we should let 'our belief dictate our life'. Honestly, as you said it is hard to completely fulfill the word of God. Not one person other than Christ could do it, that is why Paul (at least I think) describes us as the body of Christ. That as a whole we can accomplish that > which as mere individuals we fail miserably at.

I personally am more involved in evangelism, probably because that is the main focus of our college ministry. I feel that having spoken to you, you represent another part of the body that I didnt even know was there. I praise God that we as Christian fellows can be so diverse and yet believe in the same man, and same God, and hope for the same things.

I have no argument with your site or its ratings, I think that God has sufficiently put that part of me to rest through what you have written, and through what I have expirienced in the past few days. I thank God that I have had the chance in talking with you.

May God bless you!

I have come to trust your analysis so much...

[The CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Model] sounds very objective and fair, and it is a joy for us to be able to trust such a mechanism so that we don't give "one red cent" to the movie industry for producing something degenerate. We learned our lesson on the Titanic!

I have always considered myself to be "up-to-date" on today's society, listening to the likes of Marlin Maddoux and James Dobson, but I guess my increasingly busy family life has not left me time to be truly informed. Your web site brought that realization home.

I read your website alot and I thank you for being there for me.

I have just discovered your site on the interet. IT IS GREAT! We need more people in this world who care what they view on television and the movies. This will be used by our household on a regular basis. I wish I would have known about this before I took my family to the movie Titanic. This movie was very under rated and I was extremely disappointed after viewing this movie. They were not honest in the rating at all it should have been a "R" rating. Thanks again for your help for editing our family entertainment.

I am thrilled that I found your Web-site! My husband and I have a beautiful 7 month old girl, and we are very concerned about 'G' rated movies. There are very few Disney Movies I would allow even a 5 year old to watch. Will your organization ever do CAP Scores on animated 'G' movies? Is there Anything we can do to help? This has always been a concern of mine, long before our daughter came along. I would love to be actively involved. Again thank-you for everyone's hard work and dedication to the Lord.

I am so heavy hearted at what I'v been reading about Disney. I had heard a few things but your factsheet was eye opening. It bothers me that Disney has decided to be anit-family and anit-christian; too support a life style that is so destructive to our children, society and this nation.

We will join in this boycott against the Disney Corperation. Thank you for spending the time that it required to research and type up all this information about Disney.

You are doing a terriffic job and will prayerfully support you. Also to share this request to others I know. God Will Bless you as you are faithful to Him!

Hello! I just discovered your webpage and organization this morning, through the hyperlink I found in the Christianity Online Newsletter. I must say that I am impressed, and gladdened to see efforts such as this happening!! I am the mother of 2 young girls, and am always on the lookout for good, wholesome activities for them to pursue, and likewise I am vigilant in trying to keep away the negative influences brought into the home by media. Of course, this is no easy task, and your organization provides a great way to find out more, which is what parents everywhere need to be doing!! So, thank you!!!

This one was regarding DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!!!: an article on our KIDS page about sexual molestation of children.

thank-you. I appreciate your straight forward yet not too terribly explicit coverage of this very painful subject. My husband and I have been looking for a reasonable-clear way to mention this to our young daughter and son-having endured this as a young child-I find I do not have non reactionary words. Thanks to you-I have a way to warn without scaring them to bits.

This is my third visit to your Web Site and I have been blessed to discover you. I work full time and pastor a small independent church here in Phx, AZ. I have shared your site with several others and appreciate your hard work.

In my first week on the internet I am very fortunate to come across your movie reviews You are doing a terriffic job and will prayerfully support you. Also to share this request to others I know. God Will Bless you as you are faithful to Him!

Hi! Didn't know you were here. Thankyou for being here. It was very refreshing to see. Loved your moivie reviews! Now must travel on to see what else you have. God BLess You All!

... It was very informative and insightful. You are providing a much needed resource.

Your page is very touching and magnificent. The stories were quite sad. I know how it is to lose a family member to cancer. Thank you for your influence on this page. May God the Almighty Bless you and keep you.

I just wanted to say thank you for joining with me in prayer for my sons Emrick and Jonathan. May God bless you and your family.It is very comforting to know there are people like you in this troubled time. Thanks -- followup -- First I want to say thank you so much to all of the prayer warriors who have joined with me in prayer for my sons. I will talk about Emrick first, he was touched by the Holy Spirit on Saturday night and came and woke me up at 2:00AM to pray with him...

Thanks for getting back to me. Your information was very interesting, and brought to light some things I'd forgotten about regarding Jesus' teachings.

I like your page. May I please ask that a prayer be said for me and my family?

I greatly admire your Home Page. Somebody has taken a lot of trouble. I like the clarity and simple prose.

Thank you for the website on Mrs. Hoffman's lawsuit. It is great to see Christians out there willing to take a stand for our Lord!

First, thank you for the Website, it is one of many such sites being constructed to aid and guide fellow Christians ploughing through the maze of the current pathetic and dangerous state of public education in this country.

I wish there were more people with moral sensibilities such as yours. Keep up your good work.

I have no idea who in the world you are, but I just finished watching MATILDA on video and I thought that it was a WONDERFUL movie !!! I am in high school (16 years old) and I *love* working with kids. What's your problem? I'm going to recommend MATILDA to every boy and girl that I know !!! You're just as bad as that hideous monster in the film, who claims that she's glad she was never a kid ! It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. Children need a movie like this. Any of us kids who have had a sadistic P.E. teacher or parents who ignore us could tell you that. It's obvious that you've already forgotten what it was like to be a child!

It is good that the moral people of America have you to guard them from prurient and unacceptable material. But who protects you? [My response was "God."]

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