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Welcome to the CAP Kids Page of stories and articles just for kids.

In a screen below is a two-column directory (a list) of the stories and articles. When you find one you think you might like, use the mouse to point the cursor at the underlined title in the yellow column. With the point of the cursor on the title, click the mouse button once. If your mouse has two buttons, use the left button. The story or article will appear.

At the end of each story or article you will have a chance to

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This Kids Page will be updated with new and exciting articles and stories as soon as I can prepare them. Please check with us often.


It is always best to ask mom or dad to read a story or article with you. All of these stories or articles could be rated G. But some have "abstract" and "sensitive" information in them. That kind of information needs the wisdom and smarts of mom or dad to make the most sense.

Enjoy yourself and praise Jesus in everything you do!

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The Cross of Jesus is a Bridge Over the Canyon of Sin
This story explains how the Cross of Jesus forms a bridge across the canyon of sin which separates people from God.
DON'T TOUCH ME THERE is a lesson on how to know if someone is trying to touch you in the wrong places. It also tells you what to do if someone tries.

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