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While cleaning out old emails I noticed I kept a copy of an email from a good friend of this ministry who wrote us about a discovery she made. It is a couple years old and I meant to share it with you then. I do so now. It is very revealing of a microcosm which is a good representative of the total adolescent population. I doubt these children would have seen most of the indicated movies without parental accompaniment and thus implied parental approval of such cinematic behaviors. Sometimes our words say one thing while our actions say another. Sometimes more is learned from the story than its moral. Sometimes the moral, on its way to the brain, is lost in favor of the story. And the moral does not excuse the story. Just as the end does not justify the means if the means are evil, immoral or harmful

Tom Carder
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Dear Mr. Carder:

I thought you might be interested to hear what occurred this morning (March 4, 2001) around here.

I took my 10 year old and 13 year old to a workshop in a small retirement town nearby, which will last a week and is all about teaching kids about acting.

The first exercise was to ask each child what was their favorite movie and their favorite character or actor.

The kids are 8-13 years old. I cannot remember all of [their favorite movies, characters, actors] but from what I could hear, most of them were rated R or PG-13. [Note that I have inserted the correct MPAA rating plus a link to our analysis of each - TC]

The Matrix [R] was named 3 times.

Scary Movie [R with a CAP final score of ZERO] was the favorite of one otherwise nice-looking boy of about 12.

Galaxy Quest [PG, but earned a PG-13 equivalent score] was named once.

Mission Impossible 2 [PG-13]

The Nutty Professor: The Klumps [PG-13, another R-13 ] (favorite actor: Eddie Murphy).

Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) was listed 2 or three times (boys or girls) [Rundown (PG-13 {R-13}); End of Days (R); Terminator 1 (R), 2 (R), 3 (R); Collateral Damage (PG-13 {R-13}); The 6th Day (PG-13 {R-13})

And that new one with good ole' Eddie, Big Momma's House [PG-13, another R-13]

My children were 2 of only three who listed anything decent: Godspell (from the 70's). The other boy liked Stuart Little [PG].

I would have liked to ask the boy what in the world he was doing in Scary Movie, but I did not want to make waves in the first moments of this week long workshop.

One thing I noticed is none of them mentioned Chicken Run [G] ......yet.

Keep up the good work.


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