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How Afraid is the Entertainment Industry ...
...of you knowing the moral content of their films before seeing them?

Very afraid. Apparently.

And I suppose they should be judging from the trends we are revealing. Many entertainment industry representatives sure seem to act like there is something to hide as soon as they hear this is a Christian ministry which informs you, the parents and grandparents, pastors and other youth oriented service providers of the truth about the content of films so you might be in a better position to make an informed moral decision before seeing a film whether it is fit for your kids (which includes at-home teens).

Does the entertainment industry have something to hide? Do their "products" have something to say to your kids the industry doesn't want you to know about? Are they trying a version of the "Don't tell your parents" tactic? Are they so dependent on youth dollars that they would have you shielded from that to which your kids are exposed in and as entertainment? Since more than half of all moviegoers are non-adults1, since more than half of all feature-length, non-cartoon movies made are rated R2, and since I have seen for myself the uselessness of the "R" rating in keeping youth out, what else are we to believe?

So far only the client studios of Levenson & Hill (which include Paramount and Warner Bors.), who are apparently the only family-friendly studios, are not afraid for you to know. The client studios of Moroch Entertainment (some of which are Newline, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Lionsgate, Columbia) and the DFW Critics Association have denied the CAP Ministry access to pre-release screenings by, what a representative of the DFW Film Critics Association termed, religious affiliated organizations. The representative of the DFW Film Critics Association tried to assure me it was not a matter of Christian discrimination when his reasoning was the very definition of discrimination. I believe in his heart he knew it was but his hands were tied and did a polite job of discriminating. Indeed, if one us was bordering rude it was me toward the end of the conversation! And for that I apologize to the representative and ask Jesus His forgiveness.

Is there more you need to know about how Jesus and the modern entertainment industry do not mix? And if something and Jesus do not mix ...?

I have tried my best to get access to pre-release screenings so you would have knowledge of the content of films before your kids have access to them either by big screen or DVD and have had only limited success. Maybe if each of you wrote to the studios expressing your disappointment, they may change their minds.

UPDATE May 25, 2004: Typically, theater managers understand that we charge nothing for our service and are a nonprofit Christian ministry 100% dependent on public support and thus permit us free admission. But yet one more theater in the Fort Worth area, a new theater called Rave Theater, has shown they, too, are apparently afraid of parents knowing what is in a film before the parents decide whether to let their kids watch it or not. That says a few things. But I'll leave to you the things it says. Again I ask, what are they afraid of?

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1 A 2002 Loews movie trivia slide
2 Our own study Where's the G?

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