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In His Holy Name

In His holy name

Father. God in heaven. Guide this, our work, to glorify you and lift you above all things and above all men. Help us, Lord, to do thy will and to magnify you. Let thy Spirit fill us, Father, with the anointing you deem we should have to spread your perfect Word and Will. Give us, dear God, the words you want others to read. Let the words plant a seed in whomever reads this, your project. Let the seed you plant through this project grow and flourish into leading yet another soul to the salvation power of the blood of the Lamb. Grant us, O' Lord the resources necessary to conduct the CAP in a manner befitting your name and your glory. Help us to continue this, our service to you. And to your glory we commit and dedicate this effort and its fruits. Thank you, our gracious Savior. Keep us forever mindfull of the precious sacrifice you have made: thank you that you would have suffered the pain of the sacrifice even if doing so would have saved but only one of us. Let our willing servitude to your perfect Word and Will reach its goal through the CAP. Accept our love. Forgive us, Father, for the mistakes and ommissions we may make. Use them, God, to teach us. Use thy power and authority to build us and guide us. We love thy Law and are desirous of its control. We ask, precious Master, for the wisdom to hear your commands and for the understanding to know how best to use them in your service.

In the sweet and holy name of Jesus:
Lord, Master, Teacher, Savior, God.

Amen. Amen. And Amen.

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In the sweet and holy name of Jesus:
Lord, Master, Teacher, Savior, God.

Thomas A. Carder
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