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The ChildCare Action Project (CAP): Christian Analysis of American Culture Ministry is in its sixth year of investigating and reporting on the impact of our culture on the integrity, self respect and coping skills of our youth using the teachings and expectations of Jesus as investigation standards. The CAP mathematical analysis model is applicable to any system or vehicle which imparts information to an observer which requires the observer to learn, to form an opinion, or which elicits emotion(s) or value judgment(s) in the observer.

Though nearly unlimited objectives are available, as its starting objective the CAP Ministry is investigating and reporting on the impact of the entertainment industry on our youth and inherently on family values and unity. The CAP Ministry hopes to provide other professional communities a powerful behavioral analysis tools by proving, among many things, credible measurable evidence of a symbiosis between the entertainment preferences of youth and their relationship with fair authority.

The CAP analysis model generates a set of simple visual and numeric comparison tools for parents and grandparents to make informed decisions and to determine for themselves, indepenedent of the influence of advertisements and other profit-driven sources, whether an observed medium is or is not acceptable for themselves or their family. By using a mathematical analysis model with prescribed and unchanging investigation standards, the results are as objective, consistent and linear as any human assessment model can be. The CAP investigator observes relatively closed socio-cultural engines for examples of violations of the prescribed standards. His/her findings are input into the computerized analysis model to provide several very unique comparative tools which reveal the relative position and movement of acceptance standards. Examples of the comparative tools are provided in appendices.

Pastors and secular scientists alike find solid objectivity in the CAP model. Published support statements are provided. Claiming the entertainment industry to probably be the most inlfuential exofamilial entity for shaping integrity, self respect and coping skills of youth, the CAP Ministry has identified several key influences of the entertainment industry, each possessing the capability to influence our youth adversely, each being presented in movies as satisfying, gratifying and acceptable.

The CAP Ministry has many supportive and quite complimentary comments from professional organizations and visitors to their website and provides many of these as an appendix. For example, "My husband and I have 8 children, which in 3 weeks will include 4 of them as teens, and we are grateful [for the CAP service]" and "You are providing a much needed resource" and "[The CAP service] will be used by our household on a regular basis. I wish I would have known about [the CAP Ministry] before I took my family..."

Analyses of over 375 movies have proven incredible linearity and uniformity of the CAP analysis model. Indeed, the CAP has evidence of the slipping of the standards of the movie ratings in as few as the recent five years. For example, the percentage of "R-13" movies (PG-13 movies which earn CAP scores equivalent o R-rated movies in the comparative baseline database of movies) has increased from 15% in 1997 to 66% so far in 2000.

With massive amounts of data gathered, the CAP Ministry has evidence of several very revealing trends. For example, four professional public health associations claim that viewing violence can produce aggressive behavior in children. The CAP findings reveal that the copycat properties of entertainment is not confined to violent programming. Indeed, violence and other aberrant behavioral templates are but spin-offs or daughter products of the influence of the entertainment industry on a deeper, more basal and vulnerable behavioral decision-making parameter. The CAP has proof of this. Further inspection and long-term compliation of the massive amounts of data gathered by the CAP Ministry is a goal of funding it for fulltime operation with a staff and equipment upgrade.

The CAP service can be compared to buying a car. Most car dealers show you only the shiny side of the car, never the dirty underside. The buyer too often finds problems in the dirty underside only too late. Likewise with movie 'dealers' who show you only the 'shiny side' of the movies. We reveal the 'dirty underside' of a movie before you 'buy it' -- before it's too late.

The CAP analysis model uses several instruments to generate the scoring distribution for an observed socio-cultural engine such as a movie. Data is gathered using a specially designed recording log. The findings are input into the computerized analysis model which generates the scoring distribution. Findings and scoring are then distributed freely to anyone via the award-winning CAP website and email. Other vehicles for disseminating CAP findings are planned as are additional studies and research such as the CAP Media Questionnaire developed with the association of a licensed psychologist and school psychologist. Analysis and dissemination instruments are provided as appendices.

The CAP Board of Directors brings a widely diversified base of experience and expertise and is growing. Recent expansion includes board membership from United Kingdom and efforts are underway to add Canadian membership to expand its international applications. Membership includes expertise not only from the clergy but from the fields of law, mental health/psychology, information technology, sociology and other disciplines.

The possibilities for vital information gathered from the massive data the CAP Ministry has been gathering for over five years is bewildering. The need to inform parents and grandparents of the true content of socio-cultural engines in a linear, reliable, consistent, procedurally efficient way with mathematically brutal objectivity using unchanging investigation standards is provided in the CAP Ministry. In His name.

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