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RAMP Update, July 26, 1997

Jodi and Paul Hoffman, National Directors of Restore America's Moral Pride (R.A.M.P) have provided us with an update for your information. This posting provides status of their lawsuit, an account of witnessing moral violations, and provides wise comments. Please take the time to read and absorb this article.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 02:26:40 -0400

On May 1st, we filed a lawsuit against the Broward County School Board on behalf of more than 220,000 children. We are preparing to file similar lawsuits in Miami and other cities. The time has come to STOP THE PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND "SAFE SEX" under the guise of "Human Sexuality" courses and especially "HIV/AIDS Awareness". We personally witnessed a "doctor" from a homosexual organization who gave presentations to several hundred middle school children. (it's documented on video). The `talk' he presented openly ridiculed abstinence and those who teach it, told children to lie about their sexual practices, not to be honest with their parents and encouragedyoung children to be sexually active. The information he gave regarding AIDS was misleading, inaccurate and dangerous. Half a dozen teachers merely stood nearby and grinned while he made crude sexual innuendoes and sex-filled jokes. Even the students were offended.

Until recently, parents have been unaware of these methods, which are now commonly used by special interest groups, including homosexual rights activists, Planned Parenthood and SIECUS. They are taking advantage of "sex Education" to teach our children explicit sex and that homosexuality is a normal viable lifestyle. Due to their sexual practices, homosexual men now have a life expectancy of only 41 years and a 1 in 4 chance of getting AIDS before they reach age 25. We REFUSE to stand by quietly and allow our tax dollars to be spent teaching children that this behavior is to be "accepted, embraced and celebrated" as the National Education Association has stated. The vast majority of Americans DO NOT "embrace" nor "celebrate" the idea that homosexualsexual practices are acceptable.

We are outraged and FURIOUS that millions of our tax dollars are spent to promote a lifestyle which, if "embraced", will literally cut our sons' lives in half! We demand that government financial support for "Safe Sex" education and "HIV/AIDS Awareness" in our children's schools be stopped immediately! Children in public schools cannot even read or write, yet millions of dollars are being pumped into programs which teach them how to have sex.

We urgently request your assistance and support and are anxiously awaiting your response.

Paul and Jodi Hoffman
National Directors
Restore America's Moral Pride
Phone: (954) 349-0366
Telefax: (954) 349-0361

We CAN stop the sexual enticement and the homosexual agenda of sex education in American schools!!! All it will take is for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to speak out BOLDLY to our government officials. Let us emulate Nike and DO IT!!! Please do not do as I did and stick your head in the sand while the sexologists and homosexuals have their way with the parts of you that remain above the sand: the 'parts' that are exposed to whatever the 'government' says; the 'parts' that are vulnerable to attack without your voice to protect them; the 'parts' that go to school.

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