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It's Perfectly Normal

John A. Stormer has prepared a report of his findings about It's Perfectly Normal. Graphic presentation of

  • maturing teen physiology
  • sensuality
  • promiscuity
  • homosexual exploration
  • sexual intercourse
  • street language
  • masturbation techniques
  • abortion as an escape from unwanted pregnancy

    are included in this book. Does that make this book any better than HustlerTM or PlayboyTM or PlaygirlTM?

    As your brother in Christ, I beg you to do whatever you morally can to remove this book from the shelves of our schools. We are likely to pay dearly if we don't.

    Heavenly Father, help us. Heal our land!

    Thomas A. Carder
    ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)
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    It's Perfectly Normal
    by John A. Stormer
    Post Office Box 32
    Florissant, MO 63032

    Please check whether your local library has a book for children titled, It's Perfectly Normal.... It's filled with dozens of detailed drawings of full frontal nudity of maturing boys and girls. The pictures and some of the language will stir normal curiosity but will also break down the natural tendencies toward modesty which God builds into children which parents and society should reinforce. (As soon as they came to a knowledge of good and evil and before they were ever taught anything, Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves.) Graphic drawings of nude people performing the sex act are included in the book.

    The book tells boys and girls that homosexual relationships are among things which are "perfectly normal" while growing up. It's Perfectly Normal says that in some cultures two men loving one another is regarded as the very highest form of love. The book describes masturbation (for boys and girls) and says it is a "perfectly normal" way to get good feelings all over. Drawings and pictures are included of boys and girls practicing the "pleasure." The book tells boys and girls that even though some people say it is sinful, it is a "perfectly normal" means of pleasure.

    The book presents some rather accurate physical information about growing up but perhaps gives more than is necessary. Whether boys and girls need all the "scientific" or biological information about all that happens as the other sex matures is questionable. It is also presented more graphically than necessary and often with street language. The book teaches that young people should be "responsible" and not have "unprotected" sex until they are ready to assume the responsibilities of being parents. (It doesn't mention marriage as the right prerequisite for sex or "making babies.") The book discusses and pictures various means of being "protected." Abortion is presented as an alternative, saying some favor it and others oppose it when couples learn a baby they are not "ready" for is coming.

    The first edition of It's Perfectly Normal, published by Candlewick Press of Cambridge, Massachusetts has a copyright date of 1994. The author is Robie H. Harris. The cover has an endorsement by newspaper advice columnist Ann Landers who says, "At last...a book for young people about sex and reproduction in language they can understand, plus pictures they will enjoy." The cover also says it is for "teens and pre-teens." I was alerted about the book by an outstate Missouri pastor. Another preacher found a copy in the Jefferson City library. The St. Louis County Library where I reviewed the book has nine copies in its system. Check your public library and schools yourself or have a wise person do it to see if either It's Perfectly Normal or Dr. Ruth Talks To Kids..., which has a similar message without pictures are available. The book became an issue in Mexico, Missouri. After the library defended it, their tax increase was defeated on August 5.

    If you find copies, ask how they got into the library. (Some homosexual publishers and organizations distribute books to libraries and schools. Last year an organization of "gay" teachers mailed free copies of a book with favorable stories about the experiences of homosexual students to every high school, including Christian ones, in the St. Louis area.) If your library bought the book(s), inquire about their selection criteria. Don't holler---but go through proper channels to get changes made. (Many libraries buy books reviewed by library journals and may not know exactly what they are buying.) If libraries defend the books or resist making changes you may wish to enlist support from other churches.

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