On May 1, 1997, National Prayer Day, Jodi Hoffman filed a lawsuit against the Broward County School Board on behalf of herself and her three children. The lawsuit attempted to force the School Board to comply with the Florida Statutes regarding curriculum content in sex education.

     Her lawsuit identified four main faults with the Nation's fifth largest public school system. She claimed that the School Board:
1) Promoted abortion in an ABC laser disc video taught as part of sex education;
2) Directed children to the sports pages and classified sections of the Miami Herald, where explicit advertisements for sexual activities and nude strip clubs are located;
3) Failed to promote "abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage as the expected standard for all school-age children while teaching the benefits of monogamous heterosexual marriage"; and
4) Failed to adhere to curriculum content guidelines.
     After three attempts to plead a cause of action in State court proved fruitless, the case was removed to Federal Court in West Palm Beach after Mrs. Hoffman added federal claims for violation of her Constitutional rights. Sometime after the fourth amended complaint was filed in Federal Court, the case has finally been settled.

     The School Board agreed to discontinue the use of the ABC laser disc sections dealing with abortion; agreed to limit children's exposure in school to sexual material found in the newspapers' agreed to include abstinence education and emphasize monogamous, heterosexual marriage as the expected standard to its teachers in workshops; agreed to direct all principals, teachers, outside instructors and the newspapers to educate and sensitize them to the guidelines of the curriculum content guidelines. The School Board also made a token payment of $3,500.00.

     The lawsuit accomplished several important and worthwhile goals. First, it exposed the refusal of the Miami Herald to stop selling sex-for-sale advertisements to school children. Second, and more importantly, the curriculum which promoted, condoned, favored and even facilitated abortion, were deleted from the sex education program. (Frames 25829 through 30094, in fact!) And, by including a special, separate notification calling attention to it, the School Board acknowledged that importance of a monogamous heterosexual marriages as the expected norm.

     Although the Plaintiff was disappointed in the outcome of this case, she believes that the settlement represents only the first step in her effort to rescue America's families and restore God's blessing on our land.

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