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Do You Really Know What Homosexuals Do!?


This article is abrupt and vulgar and speaks to what is traditionally "dirty" subjects, but that is the reality of the homosexual lifestyle in light of God's Law. I have tried to soften the presentation as much as I could and still be accurate. It may seem that some of this article resides on the same level as the presentation style of the homosexual sex education agenda. If it does, so be it! You need to know that which is presented herein. Remember, one of the goals of the homosexual agenda is to lower the age of consent.

I prepared "Do You Really Know What Homosexuals Do!?" for you in hopes you have enough knowledge about the homosexual practitioner's chosen lifestyle necessary to make informed evaluations: that you know what it is the homosexual activists are trying to do; that you know what it is they want to do with your kids as young as preschool.

The material presented herein was prepared based on personal research and on Setting the Record Straight: What Research Really Says About the Social Consequences of Homosexuality, a Focus on the Family: A Matter of Facts Report by Dr. Larry Burthoft, Ph. D., ©1994 Focus on the Family.

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First, let me remind us all that it is our charge NOT to hate the homosexual practitioner, just the practice: abhor the deed not the doer. We do not need to embrace the sin (not even our own) to embrace the sinner. Jesus made a Disciple of a murderer and saw a king in an evil man. That is a template for us to follow.

Many homosexual practitioners have been productive and contributing citizens. Some are genius in art and literature. Some are medical masters. And some are top notch educators, genius in their own right. That they choose to practice homosexuality is irrelevant to their scientific and artistic excellence. "There is no direct and necessary relationship between a person's artistic or creative talent and sexual orientation or behavior." [sic] So, let us attack not the homosexual practitioner but indeed attack homosexuality. And yes, the practice of homosexuality is a choice. Every single non-autonomic movement of the human body is a choice. No exceptions. No debate.

While it is no surprise that a male husband and a female wife are anatomically made for each other, it can be no surprise that a male husband and "wife" or a female "husband" and wife are not made for each other. I've heard many pastors state that "God started the human race with Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Further, God did not use Adanna and Eve. To try to build and nurture a sexual relationship between a "husband and wife" of the same gender is not only immoral and contrary to God's Law, it is not biologically supported. Then comes the issue of life itself. I know of no science that can fertilize an egg without sperm, nor can two sperm or two eggs unite to start a baby.

Let me emphasize that the following list of activities typical to homosexual behavior coices is not exhaustive nor does it imply or express that every homosexual practitioner participates in them. Nor does the list imply that these behaviors are isolated to only the homosexual community. Some of the homosexual practitioners I have communicated with claim that heterosexual practitioners conduct themselves in like manners. If they do it is not homo sexuality. Neither does the list imply that each and all of these behaviors are practiced by every homosexual practitioner. These activities are the merely primary ways in which the homosexual practitioner might express his/her sexual desires for his/her same-sex partner.

A lesser fraction of the homosexual population may participate in any or all of the following activities.
Is this what you want your kids to learn in public school?

If you want to know even more about the tactics of the homosexual movement, visit "A Congressional Record: The Gay Revolutionary" by Michael Swift. Be advised it, too, bears a warning. Many will find that reprinted article frightening. When I first read it, it stirred in me desire for violent aggression: an aggressive violence to protect our kids. Maybe this is the feeling Simon Peter had when he cut off Malchus' right ear: a feeling to protect those we love from those who would have their way with our loved ones - our kids. May the Holy Lamb of God forgive me for that which I feel about these threats from Michael Swift of the homosexual community.

Finally, be alarmed if your son or daughter starts using the term "cookie" to describe his/her same-sex friend, or if your son's or daughter's teacher, bus driver or other acquaintance refers to your son or daughter as "cookie."

We CAN stop the homosexual agenda!!! All it will take is for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to speak out BOLDLY to our government officials. Let us emulate Nike and DO IT!!! Please do not do as I did and stick your head in the sand while the sexologists and homosexuals have their way with the parts of you that remain above the sand: the 'parts' that are exposed to whatever the 'government' says; the 'parts' that are vulnerable to attack without your voice to protect them; the 'parts' that go to school.


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