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Analysis: Values Survey, Pontiac Township, Illinois, 2/13/97

Thanks to the hard work of Donna Bowling, we have our first survey analysis. Thank you, Donna so very much for the survey. Donna apparently hand-typed a 95 item survey from the form itself and emailed it to me.

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This survey was Values Survey, Pontiac Township, Illinois, 2/13/97. Students were asked to rate each item using "Very True", "Sometimes True", "Not Sure", or "Not True." Following are the results of the analysis.

Analysis revealed 88% of the items on the survey were clustered in five major areas with only 8% dealing with learning or acquiring knowledge and 4% dealing with topics which seemed to have very very little to do with education or values (skewing) - items such as calling for a relativity opinion about beauty:

Independence and autonomy; freedom from accountability and authority:
15 items, 16%
(Items #7, 23, 34, 35, 41, 44, 47, 48, 50, 53, 60, 74, 87, 92, 94)

Recognition, acceptance:
17 items, 18%
(Items #2, 8, 10, 12, 14, 19, 26, 27, 43, 51, 58, 59, 70, 72, 82, 83, 93)

Possessions, wealth, income:
17 items, 18%
(Items #1, 3, 6, 11, 13, 25, 33, 46, 56, 57, 61, 67, 69, 78, 90, 91, 95)

11 items, 12%
(Items #15, 16, 24, 32, 38, 45, 49, 55, 64, 73, 86)

Integrity, honorable accomplishment, family:
23 items, 24%
(Items #5, 17, 18, 20, 21, 28, 29, 31, 37, 39, 42, 52, 62, 63, 65, 66, 68, 77, 79, 80, 84, 85, 89)

Learning, Acquiring knowledge:
Eight items, 8%
(Items #9, 22, 30, 40, 54, 71, 76 and 88)

Skew: Four items, 4%
(Items #4, 36, 75, 81)

The manipulative opportunity for this type of survey is in the option of the participant to answer in a positive or negative manner: a supportive manner or an opposing manner. For example, If an item read "My parents love me" or "My parents are wise", the participant could answer anywhere from very true to not true. On the surface, these items seem to solicit a positive value or to prompt a positive response, but responses could go either way depending on the integrity, mood, or attitude of the participant.

The bottom line is that this survey has nothing to do with academics. While the items of the survey indeed solicited personal values information -- some items solicited values information in a direct way and some in a rather off-the-wall or even out-to lunch way -- I feel there is no place in school for this type of survey. It is somewhat invasive into privacy and is hardly a learning objective or experience. While we all know that any exam, handout, graded demonstration or other participative program can be a learning/teaching experience, this type of survey is nothing like a learning/teaching experience. There was one very positive feature about this survey - it asked nothing of heterosexual, homosexual, or solitary sexual preferences, health, performance, behavior, or experience; transmission of STDs; inhibitions; anything dealing with sensuality of their own or of their friends, relatives, or acquaintances; contraception, abortion, or birth control. One item asked about having children, ostensibly in a non-sexual manner: "Having children is important to me."

Following are the actual questions of the survey. Again, thanks to Donna Bowling for taking the time and effort to get this file into electronic form. Note that this survey lended itself to reporduction herein. Not all surveys are compact enough.

1. I would rather have a large expensive house than own a work of art.
2. I like to go places with my friends.
3. I'd really like to travel to far away places.
4. I think music and art should be required in our schools.
5. It is important that my family does things together.
6. I like to make things.
7. I would rather be president of a club than just a member.
8. I'd like people to know htat I've done something well.
9. I like to read books that help me understand people.
10. If I had talent, I'd like to be on TV.
11. Having an expensive car is something I's really like.
12. If I could, I'd like to make a movie that would make people aware of injustice, and would improve the conditions described.
13. I'd rather be rich than married.
14. I like writing stories, plalys or poetry.
15. I like to try things I've never done before.
16. I enjoy doing different things.
17. It is important to be proud of what I do.
18. If my friends want to do something that I think is wrong, I will not do it.
19. I'd like to accomplish something in life that will be well known.
20. A strong family unit is essential to me.
21. I would disobey a boss who asked me to do something against my principles, even if it meant being fired.
22. It is important for me to have a good understanding of history.
23. If I could, I'd like to be president.
24. It would be fun to climb mountains.
25. It is very important for me to live in beautiful surroundings.
26. I like to go to parties.
27. It is important to have very good friends.
28. I would rather make gifts than buy them.
29. I am very close to my mother, father, or both.
30. I like to attend lectures from which I can learn something.
31. It is more important to stick to my beliefs than to make money.
32. I would rather make less money at a job I know would last than take a chance with a job that might not last but pays more.
33. I would like a lot of expensive possessions.
34. I would rather be free to move around than be tied down by a family.
35. I like to feel that I am in charge in a group.
36. It is important to have an appreciation for art or music.
37. I like to write.
38. I'd look forward to taking a job in a city I had never visited before.
39. Having children is important to me.
40. I'd like to understand the way a TV works.
41. I'd like to be able to decide what and how much work I will do during a day.
42. I'd like to do something that helps people.
43. I'd like to be famous.
44. I'd rather be a judge than a lawyer.
45. I do not thank I'd like adventurous vacations.
46. I would like to have works of art in my home.
47. I would like a job that gives me plenty of free time to spend with my family.
48. I could not be happy with a job in which I did not feel good about myself.
49. I get very nervous when I'm forced to take chances.
50. I would rather be a boss than a worker.
51. It is important to share activities with friends.
52. If I knew how, I would make my own clothes.
53. I would rather not have to answer to a boss.
54. Gaining knowledge is important to me.
55. I'd rather work for a well-established company than a new company that hasn't established itself.
56. Money can't buy happiness, but it helps.
57. Being rich would be the best thing about being a movie star.
58. Being famous would be the best thing about being a movie star.
59. The best thing about being a movie star is that I's be doing something creative.
60. I like to be able to make my own decisions.
61. Getting to travel would be the best thing about being a movie star.
62. I'd like to nurse people back to health.
63. I would like helping tutor people having trouble at school.
64. I feel more comfortable in places I've seen before than in new places.
65. I'd like to work at a job in which I help people.
66. I enjoy spending an evening with my family.
67. I'd rather work at a job that is not very interesting but pays a lot, than one that is interesting, but pays little.
68. I would like to write a book that would help people.
69. I want to be able to travel if the opportunity arises.
70. If I had the talent, I'd like to be a famous rock star.
71. I like reading to gain insight into human behavior.
72. It is important to share your life with someone.
73. If you don't take chances, you'll never get anywhere, and I like to take chances.
74. I'd rather be a leader than a follower.
75. The world would be a terrible place without beautiful things.
76. It is important to try to learn something new every day.
77. I would feel I was doing something worthwhile if I helped a friend with her problems.
78. I especially like things I make myself.
79. A close family is important to me.
80. I think it is important to donate to the needy.
81. I enjoy looking at beautiful scenery.
82. The best thing about winning a gold medal at the Olympics would be the recognition.
83. I like to go on hikes (or bike rides) with my friends.
84. I have strong beliefs about what is right and wrong.
85. It is important to have a family with whom to discuss problems.
86. I'd like an exciting life.
87. I prefer working by myself rather than as part of a team.
88. I'd like to know all that I can about the workings of nature.
89. I think it's wrong to help a friend cheat on an exam, even if I know he will fail if I don't help.
90. Having a job I know I can keep is important to me.
91. I'd like to have enough money to invest for the future.
92. I don't like someone assigning me tasks to do.
93. I do not like being alone very much.
94. I like to take charge of organizing activities.
95. I think saving money for the future is very important.

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