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This posting is verbatim from an email message I received from Fred and Joane Battey, masters of an educational information email loop. I am presenting this report as a followup to The Mark of the Beast from Peter and Paul LaLonde through Dr. Marlin Maddoux and his Point of View Radio Talk Show to provide evidence of the accuracy of Peter and Paul LaLonde's projection of the use of a microchip to track people. The chip is in place and being tested as I prepared this posting.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

The Mark of the Beast - Followup

Subject: Non-Ed But Must Reading: Microchips
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 12:48:30 -0500
From: Fred Battey

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 09:32:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Microchips

    The following story came to me via a parent who has been on the anti-educational reform trail since STW and GOALS were enacted.
    I'd posted some information about the "microchip" information shared on the loop a while back and he returned this info to me.

    A former colleague of mine who lives in Denver shared a story with me about an experience his wife had while grocery shopping in Denver last year.
    His wife was patiently waiting in the check-out line standing a few feet away from the woman in front of her. The clerk scanned the last of the woman's items and announced the total price. The woman didn't reach for her wallet, checkbook or credit card. Instead, she simply waved her wrist over the scanner. My friends wife struck up a conversation with the woman and asked her what she had just done. The woman explained that she had just paid for her groceries with the microchip that had been implanted in her wrist. All she had to do was wave it over the scanner and it would automatically access her bank account and the money. The woman explained that she was one of several people in the city who were testing the chip and that the government was conducting the same tests in ten cities across the country. The chip held all of her personal and financial records.
    I remember as a child not receiving my social security number until I was in 8th grade. It felt like a "coming of age".
    In 1976 when my first child was born, I recall feeling quite helpless when I received via mail my infant son's social security card weeks after his birth.
    At the rate our government is going, they will be implanting microchips into babies at the hospital immediately upon birth.

The writer is, in my opinion, absolutely correct to predict implantation of the chip into babies at birth -- and quite likely with or without your permission or knowledge! The government is doing a great many things to your kids without your knowledge or permission: things such as strip searches and pubic examinations, values surveys which have absolutely nothing to do with education, and corruptive sex education among a plethora of other invasive techniques of shaping your kids minds into the "good soldier" they want them to be for the new Global Industry and Economy.

Finally, I believe we must start trusting the tried-and-true Holy Bible which has stood the test of time for centuries -- the King James Version. If you have reviewed The Mark of the Beast article you noted that I cautioned readers about the seeming confusion between the King James Version (KJV) and the New International Version (NIV) of the Holy Bible: that the KJV states the mark of the beast will be placed IN the right hand or forehead of the victim; the NIV states ON the right hand or forehead. At the risk of "I told you so," this "mark of the beast" chip is not being placed "ON" any part of the human body, it is being placed IN the hand (wrist)!

While there was no mention whether the chip was placed in the woman's left or right wrist, I'll betcha it was in her right wrist. By the benefit of beng an ex-electronics technician, I doubt that the chip contained all information about the woman's "...personal and financial records..." but I also have no doubt that every iota of her personal and finacial records were made available by the chip. For a 16-digit account number, only 16 bytes of memory are needed to store the number. Granted, more memory is needed for peripheral operations, but several thousand bytes (kilobytes) of memory would fit very easily in a chip the size of a grain of rice. And it would not need a battery! A PROM (programmable read-only memory) chip is what is used to maintain memory in devices such as pagers while the battery is being replaced.

Note that only one byte of memory would be needed to store a single item of information, yes or no, about whether the bearer of this chip had accepted total government control of his/her affairs: whether to permit this individual to buy, sell or trade goods or services -- one byte to bear the mark of the beast!

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