Yesterday I received an alarming 8 page fax. It was a copy of a set of papers being distributed by a group called Coalition For Democracy. This group consists of 23 organizations including the Anti-Defamation League, State Pride Agenda, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, United Teachers AFL-CIO and Humanist Society.

They are sending a "survey" to all public schools to determine "the nature and extent of activity intended to break down the constitutional separation between church and state." It refers to "concern over the growth of the Radical Right" and "political and religious extremists to impose their religious, social and moral values on all of us." The letter emphasizes a desire to have "all future incidents documented and reported to them on an ongoing basis," and assures all parties concerned that their answers will be confidential. The stated purpose of the survey is to gather information on "hate crimes."

The underlying danger is that many of the "hate groups" they have listed are organizations such as the Christian Coalition, Family Friendly Libraries, Promise Keepers, American Family Association, Eagle Forum, Focus on the Family, National Association of Christian Educators, The Rutherford Institute, Traditional Values Coalition and others......which are not hate groups!

Even if the schools don't respond, the damage is already done. the hidden purpose of their survey is to link hate groups and hate crimes with known pro-family groups. This survey is clever blatant propaganda designed to convince people that groups who are concerned with children and parents who object to sex education and the promotion of homosexuality are associated with hate groups like Neo-Nazis!

The most insidious section was that which asked for information regarding "letters saying that...a parent does not want his/her child taught or exposed to such things as evolution, values clarification, non-academic personality tests, curricula pertaining to drugs and alcohol, discussion of the occult, education in human sexuality, globalism and anti-nationalistic curriculum (attach a copy of letter if possible)."

This group is actually requesting copies of letters written by parents who object to sex ed curriculum, etc......and adding these parents' names to a list of those who supposedly commit hate crimes!  As soon as parents object, they get painted with a "religious right-wing fanatical nut" brush. It is urgent we fight for the immediate removal of state laws which require a parent to object to sex ed, etc., on religious grounds rather than strictly on the rights of parents to raise their own children properly. We have a copy of the survey. Please contact us immediately for further information or to find out if your organization is among the 34 identified.

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