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Upstate New York Coalition for Democracy Survey to Document Radical Right Activity in Upstate New York

This is the survey from the Upstate New York Coalition for Democracy, P. O. Box 5341, Albany, New York 12205-0341 referenced by "URGENT PRESS RELEASE, RELEASE #2, Coalition for Democracy Survey." The cover letter for the survey and the survey are presented VERBATIM from hardcopy of them. I prepared both the cover lettter and survey manually with an HTML editor, word processor, and a graphics program (they were not scanned), so there may be errors not present in the original. I made no intentional changes except correcting the spelling of Mrs. Peg Lusdik's last name. No other errors were corrected - punctuation, spelling, parallelism, and other errors are present just as they are in the original.

The cover letter is prepared in HTML and should print to letter-quality. The survey itself, however, is seven .gif images. While each document was prepared to fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" paper, due to the vast array of printers, printer drivers, margin settings, browsers, and browser preference settings, how yu browser prints tables, etc., there is no assurance proper pagination. While the font on the printed cover letter will be letter-quality, the printed quality of the survey itself will be no better than any other bitmap .gif file.

Several hundred thousand people are now aware of this survey. It is presented here so you will not need to find a copy of it for yourself nor maintain a copy of it. Maybe we of the so-called Radical Right can counter its effects by one huge coordinated campaign. I am thinking about emailing CFD to invite them to add the CAP to the list of "undesirable organizations" on page 1 of the survey.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

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Upstate New York

P. O. Box 5341, Albany, New York 12205-0341 518-459-7740

April 14, 1997

Dear Colleague:

The Upstate New York Coalition for Democracy is a non-partisan, multi-issue network of organizations and individuals dedicated to upholding democracy and the constitutional rights of all people. We are committed to supporting and promoting diversity and mutual respect. Our Membership includes the Adirondack religious Coalition for CHoice, Albany/Schenectady League of Arts, Albany County Rape Crisis Center, American Association of University Women (Schenectady Chapter), Anti-Defamation League/New York State Region, Capital District Humane Society, Citizen Action of New York State, Empire State Pride Agenda, Family Planning Associates of New York State, Fiscal Policy Institute, Institute for First Amendment Studies, national Womens, Political Caucus - NYS/Capital District Chapter, National Education Association of New York, New York State Alliance for Arts Education, New York State United Teachers - AFL/CIO, People for the American Way Action Fund, Planned Parenthood Health Services of NENY, Statewide Youth Advocacy, Upstate New York Black Women's Health Project, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, and YWCA of Schenectady.

We have been brought together by our concern over the growth of the Radical Right in upstate New York, by attempts of political and religious extremists to impose their religious, social and moral values on all of us, and to limit the free and open discussion that is the basis of our democratic process and electoral system.

One of our first tasks is to survey the region: to develop an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the nature and extent of activity intended to break down the constitutional separation between church and state. To that end, we have enclosed a survey that we hope you will disseminate to your organizational leadership and to key membership throughout the geographical areas you cover.

Please be aware that we have no interest in characterizing or labeling groups or individuals. We are aware that any single incident does not necessarily indicate an organized radical Right presence or agenda. The information you share with us will be used only as part of our documentation process and to suggest patterns and areas to which we should give further attention. Please be as detailed as possible. Specific answers will be confidential. If you have any questions, call 518-869-9004. Please return this survey no later that May 15, 1997. We hope your organization will document and report future incidents to us on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your help.


Blue Carreker Woody Murphy
Co-Chair Co-Chair

We CAN stop the homosexual agenda and the general movement toward licentious freedom from accountability!!! All it will take is for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us to speak out BOLDLY to our government officials. Let us emulate Nike and DO IT!!! Please do not do as I did and stick your head in the sand while the cultural reformers, history revisionists, sexologists and homosexuals have their way with the parts of you that remain above the sand: the 'parts' that are exposed to whatever the 'government' says; the 'parts' that are vulnerable to attack without your voice to protect them; the 'parts' that go to school.


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