.......may be eligible for cash awards from a class action against condom and contraceptive manufacturers, educators, schools and others. No one was provided complete, accurate and clear information about condom and contraceptive failure rates and about the dangers of early sexual involvement. If you or people you know have been taught by "trained personnel" or "culturally diverse school employees"...

...and have become pregnant, had an abortion, or caught any STD in the past 10 years


Use of terms such as 'safe sex' and 'protected sex' has misled hundreds of thousands of young people into believing condoms and contraceptives were reliable for protecting them from disease and pregnancy. In violation of young people's trust, use of these terms has also led young people into dropping inhibitions against being sexually active.

Dr. William Archer, M. D., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services has condemned these products, stating "Condom availability and promotion in public schools is disturbing, wrong and dangerous" and "...telling children that sex with condoms is safe, or that condoms can prevent the transmission of HIV is asking them to risk their lives on a hypothesis that even the health establishment doesn't believe in."

If you or people you know have been impacted in any way as described above, contact our office immediately. THOSE INJURED MAY REMAIN ANONYMOUS and yet be in a position to collect a substantial award for a situation that might have been avoided had they been accurately informed.

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