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FACTS TO PONDER: THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, once a trusted family-entertainment empire, has taken a tragic turn away from decency and toward immorality.

While we provide a Disney Factsheet presenting a great deal of evidence and information about the homosexual agenda of The Walt Disney Company, this collection of facts from Dr. D. James Kennedy, president of the Coral Ridge Ministries deserves a posting of its own. "Please stand with Dr. Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries [and the ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of the American Culture (CAP) and the R.A.M.P.] to call for a dramatic turnaround in the culture-shaping work of The Walt Disney Company!" If only Walt were still alive...

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From the Cover:

Facts to Ponder [photo] The Walt Disney Company, once a trusted family-entertainment empire, has taken a tragic turn away from decency and toward immorality.

Disney has been responsible for all of the following...and more:

   Disney's ABC television airs the new series Noting Sacred this season -- the main character is a priest who "fights, flirts and questions the existence of God," according to Entertainment Weekly (9-26-97). He even refuses to counsel a pregnant teenager against abortion. One scene from Nothing Sacred brings "Father Ray to a hotel room with an old college flame" (The Wall Street Journal, 8-18-97). According to the same Journal story "the young rebel priest tells parishioners he refuses to hear any more sexual confessions, because sexual sin isn't what the Gospels are all about."

   On Halloween Eve last year, Hollywood Records (A Walt Disney Company subsidiary) released the CD BLACKACIDDEVIL by the rock group DANZIG. DANZIG's music video It's Coming Down is so obscene that even MTV and the Playboy Channel have banned it. It reportedly features scenes of "sadomasochism, masturbation, urination and genital mutilation" (American Family Association Action Alert, November, 1996).

   The company has apparently hosted homosexual and lesbian theme nights at Walt Disney World. Visitors to the park clearly had no warning from Disney that such a celebration would be taking place. (AFA Journal, August, 1996)

   A teenager-oriented book Growing Up Gay: From Left Out to Coming Out was published through Disney's Hyperion subsidiary, which clearly connects the Walt Disney Company to the promotion of the homosexual agenda. (Southern Baptist Convention Resolution, 8/96)

   Disney has a pro-homosexual bias in its corporate policies. It has extended health-care benefits to the homosexual partners of its employees, but refuses the same benefits to unmarried partners of heterosexual employees. (The Advocate, 4-29-97)

   Disney has employed a VP of feature animation, an open homosexual, who took his male sexual partner to a company social function and said, "I got feedback like 'I can't believe you brought your lover.' But from the people who run the d--- company, there wasn't an ounce of trouble" (The Advocate, 6-28-94).

   The homosexual producer, Tom Schumacher, says some were surprised when Disney hired an openly homosexual executive, "But now there are a lot of gay people here at entry level," according to the homosexual publication, The Advocate (6-28-94). He goes on to call Disney "a very supportive environment" for homosexuals.

More Astonishing Evidence

   Big television news last season: Disney's ABC aired an episode of Ellen in which the title character came out as a homosexual. According to Disney's Chairman Michael Eisner, "I'm sorry if [the Ellen episode in which lead the character declared herself to be a lesbian] offends the Baptists. I may not be as religious as some, but I went to a Baptist college [Denison], and I grew up believing that tolerance was the basis of all religions. I think that's what we're missing here -- tolerance" (Business Week, 8-4-97).

   This past May, Disney's Hyperion subsidiary released the book, The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture. Parts of it had already been serialized in publications such as The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review. (Publishers Weekly, 2-24-97)

   Disney's pro-homosexual film Priest (from Miramax) "does, in fact, present an uncompromising yet non-stereotypical portrayal of homosexuality -- including a depiction of gay sex that by all accounts is one of the most realistic ever filmed outside the world of pornography," according to the homosexual publication The Advocate (4-18-95). "Certainly the film is one of the gayest the Walt Disney Co., which owns Miramax, has ever released," The Advocate goes on to say.

   Disney's Miramax subsidiary was also under pressure for acquiring the movie Kids, which purportedly opened with a scene on which a teenage boy, dubbed the "virgin surgeon," deflowers a teenage girl (Newsweek, 2-20-95). Apparently his speciality is having sex with virgins.

   Disney declared that it wouldn't allow Miramax to distribute the film, considering its immoral content: the boy from the scene's opener turns out to be HIV positive, spreading the deadly AIDS virus to other youngsters. (The Wall Street Journal, 3-30-95)

   In spite of the heat which came down on Disney for Miramax's acqusition of the godless movie, Disney studio chief Joe Roth said of Miramax co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein (who acquired Kids): "They have a real commitment to quality, and we're lucky to be associated with them" (The Wall Street Journal, 3-20-95).

   Disney's Hollywood Pictures released Chicks in White Satin about a lesbian couple who decide to stage their "commitment ceremony" (Glamour, 8-9-94).

   In an erticle entitled ""DISNEY DYKE", The Advocate reveals that Jan Carr, who created the novelizations of many Disney animated classics -- including The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book -- is also a lesbian who wrote Harem Wish, a "dark and steamy new lesbian novel" (The Advocate, 3-8-94).

   "I certainly don't want to give more fuel to the Christian right so that they come down on the lesbian and gay community," The Advocate quotes Carr. "But I wanted to write about women's sexuality, and about how very powerful lesbian sexuality can be."

   She adds, "I certainly wouldn't be adverse to writing a children's book with gay characters or gay themes.

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