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How Did They Do It?

F. Earle Fox and David W. Virtue of the ROAD to EMMAUS==>> have graciously permitted me to post on my website some of the true wisdom God has given them so that you may come to know how the homosexual movement seems to have become so successful. This is by far the best explanation I have ever had the privilege to read. The logic is inescapable.

This work is but one of many on the ROAD to EMMAUS website, each work is of as high caliber as this one. You would do well to visit it for yourself, for the Lord has commanded in Proverb 4:7 that "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." The ROAD to EMMAUS site has one of the highest densities of His wisdom I have seen.

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How Did They Do It?

If homosexuals are only 1-3% of the American population (as nearly all studies other than the fraudulent Kinsey study indicate), how did such a small percentage of the population produce such an enormously successful transformation of the American public attitude as we have seen since the Stonewall riots of 1968.

The answer is that they didn't -- though not for lack of trying. Three percent of a population can produce a large effect only if they have a sizable number of helpers. The homosexual success has ridden on the coattails of two other movements, the larger and prior of which was the rise of pseudo-liberalism, the belief that truth and moral values are relative and that feeling good is the prime object of life.

The second movement, the sex revolution, or more accurately the pan-sexual revolution, (the belief that all expressions of sexual behavior are morally equivalent), could not have happened without the prior arrival of "liberalism". And the homosexual revolution could not have happened without the prior pansexual revolution.

Pansexualism thus stands on the shoulders of "liberalism", and the "gay" revolution stands on the shoulders of the pansexual revolution. The landscape, in other words, was already prepared for the homosexual culture to establish its legitimacy because the logical moral barriers had in principle already been removed. If truth and morality are relative, then there is no logical reason for saying "no" to homosexual (or any other) behavior.

(It must be noted, however, that the "or any other" aspect poses a major problem for the "liberal" position because there is also then no logical reason for saying "no" to hatred and persecution of homosexuals, i.e. to "homophobia", the homosexual activist's favorite bug-a-boo. When truth and morality go relative, they go all the way.)

E. Michael Jones relates how the civil rights movement was hijacked in 1965 by a coalition between black radicals and white "liberals" on the occasion of the rejection of the Moynihan Report. Written by Patrick Moynihan at the request of President Johnson, the report recommended government assistance to shore up badly deteriorating black families. At first accepted by the black leadership, by the end of the summer of 1965, it was rejected as foisting white, middle-class values on the black community. Nevermind that white middle-class Americans were hardly observing Biblical values, which had been the basis of stability in both black and white America, and certainly did not invent them. The problem was not white middle class American values, the problem was Biblical values.

Martin Luther King had lost control of what had begun as a Christian civil rights movement and was unable to speak out. And so the radical/"liberal" coalition's agenda of sexual liberation took over. The war on the law of God took a new turn.

This same black radical/"liberal" coalition, with its still sub rosa sexual agenda, brought the Episcopal General Convention to heel in the late 1960's to support programs of social engineering under the guise of helping the black population recover from the lingering effects of slavery. While there were doubtless many sincere civil rights workers in the field, the levers of the movement had fallen into the hands of the persons who had little interest in either peace or justice, but who were willing to use those terms as persuasive slogans in their quest for power, control, and lust.

The Stonewall riots in "gay" New York followed in 1968, and the "gay" liberation movement hit the ground running. "Rights" were now increasingly being understood to include uninhibited sexual license, the predictable consequence of the pansexual revolution.

It is difficult in such situations to discern just what is intentional and what happens by circumstance, but either way, the result has been the homosexual movement riding point for the rest of the pansexual groups, including NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association, whose obscene agenda promotes sexual relations between adults and children). Other sex-lib groups are heavily invested in the success of the "gay" cause which has gained stunning public acceptance, although there is a good deal of controversy among pan-sexualists about which sexual orientations ought to be admitted to the cause.

If the homosexual movement is riding point for the pansexual cause, it is also being used as canon fodder. Despite the extraordinary death rate of homosexuals, these people are not being told of the possibility of therapy and healing because it is not politically correct to do so.

We are using "gay" in skeptical quotes (as with "liberal" and "conservative") because homosexuality is anything but gay (as we shall see). The word 'homosexual' refers to those who have a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex regardless of their moral or political stance on homosexuality. "Gay", on the other hand, refers to activist individuals and groups who promote the homosexual lifestyle. Many homosexual persons are not "gay" and would be happy to find a way out, as an increasing number are.

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