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The American Sovereignty Amendment
Slamming the Door to Globalist Control of Our Nation

September, 1997

What is the American Sovergeignty Amendment?

     The American Sovereignty Amendment was introduced into the House of Representatives on June 17, 1997, as HK resolution 83, by Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho). The amendment states, in part:

"No treaty shall authorize or permit any foreign power or any international organization to supervise, control, or adjudicate rights of citizens of the United States enumerated in this
Constitution or any other matter essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of the United States or the several States."

     This amendment would guarantee that no treaty or "executive order" would ever again permit any foreign power or international organization to overrule the rights of U.S. citizens, or to overrule the laws passed by Congress or the legislature of a state.

Why is this Amendment Needed?

     Few Americans realize that for the past several years, many in our government (such as the President) have been acting in concert with the United Nations to abuse a passage of the Consitution.
     This passage is in Article VI, Section II, which says "all Treaties made...shall be the supreme law of the land." Most troubling, our courts have interpreted this clause to mean that international treaties with bodies like the U.N., and even "executive orders" from the President, supercede our rights under the rest of the Constitution!
     Of course, our founding fathers never dreamed that, in the future, our leaders would actually abuse this passage to impose foreign rule over U.S. citizens.
     But consider the words of John Foster Dulles, former Secretary of State. He said,

"Treaties make international law and treaties make domestic law.
Under our Constitution treaties become the supreme law of the land...treaty laws can override the Constitution."

     Even more chilling, Dulles warned: "Treaties...can cut across the rights given the people by the Constitution and Bill of Rights."
     For years, Globalists have looked for a way to undercut our Constitution and take away our rights. This "treaty clause" give them their chance. Take a moment to think about the U.N. treaties, which President Clinton is pressuring the Senate to approve:
     The "Rights of the Child" Treaty would force parents to allow their children to watch pronography, refuse to attend church, join a gang, have sex, and get an abortion. It could also outlaw spanking. Unless we pass the Sovereignty Amendment, this treaty could soon become law no matter what your legislature, or the Bill of Rights says.

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     The "Rights of Women" Treaty would dictate that radical feminism and condom-based Sex Ed be taught in schools no matter what your local government says. The progress Christians are making against condom-based sex education would be wiped out.
     The "Climate Treaty" and Other Environmental Treaties. Research shows these treaties would cost the American econmoy $203 billion and 520,000 jobs per year -- without helping the environment.
     These are just three examples of horrific "treaties" with the U.N. waiting for Senate approval
     And don't assume the Senate wouldn't pass these! Many republicans favor these treaties. And remember it only takes two-thirds of Senators "present" to ratify a treaty. Many treaties have been approved with only two Senators voting.
     But the threat gets even worse.
     You see, courts have interpreted "executive orders" by the President to qualify as treaties. That means the President can "order" an agreement with the U.N. that overrules our law! Remember, Clinton's "Executive Orders" are why U.S. troops serve under U.N. command.
     Someday, your rights as parents, Christians, and property-holders could be overruled by U.N. mandates ordered by the President without Congressional consent.

IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING Since 1940 presidents have begun to use executive agreements over treaties at a ratio of 10 to 1. We have reason to be concerned.
     Did you know that according to Rep. Chenoweth, "25 of our biggest National Parks are under partial authority of UNESCO" (the United Nations Education, Scientific, and
Cultural Operations Division)? Parks under U.N. authority include Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon!
     Did you know that 47 American regions are designated by the U.N. as "Biosphere Reserves?" this allows radical environmentalists to control the use of our land--both public and private. U.N. "Biosphere Reserves" include the Everglades, the Virginia Coast, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, and more!
     Finally, consider the Crown Butte Mine fiasco.
     The Crown Butte Mine would have pumped billions of dollars and countless jobs into Idaho and Wyoming. It was mostly on private land. But because part of it touched Yellowstone, a U.N. designated reserve, UNESCO got our government to shut it down.
     Remember that this happened on private land. Nobody voted but a U.N. body. But it affected untold Americans.
     And if they did it to private property rights, they'll do it to your rights as a parent, citizen, and Christian.
     But that's not all.
     Did you know that even precious national monuments like Independence Hall and the Statue of LIberty have been declared "World Heritage Sites" by the U.N.? As you step into Independence Hall, you will read a U.N. plaque! This "honor" could be only the first step to gain control over these reminders of our American independence.
     The American Sovereignty Amendment answers this threat in one colossal blow. This would also slam the brakes on "Executive Orders" allowing internationalist bodies to govern our land.
     Only Americans would govern America.

What Can You Do?

  1. If you favor the Amendment, you can ask your Representative to co-sponsor it -- and your two Senators to sponsor companion measures in the Senate. The Amendment needs to pass in the House and Seante by a two-thirds margin, and then be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures of the States.
  2. Spread the word to as many people as possible. It usually takes about seven years to build momentum to pass a Contsitutional Amendment.
  3. Keep listenting to Point of View Radio Talk Show for more news about the threat to American sovereignty.

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