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A Letter to America: They Know Full Well...

This letter from Jodi Hoffman is to every American citizen. There can be little said to fortify its message other than it offers wisdom and insight probably possessed by 94% to 97% of us. All I would like to say is please really listen to the power of "They know full well that their precious work could be crushed in one coordinated move of that great sleeping giant known as "The People."

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

Precious America:

Homosexuals have been VERY busy over the last 25 years, and now that they have attained most of what they want, they are throwing off the false image of harmlessness (see A Congressional Record: The Gay Revolutionary). We hear about the vulgar behaviour, the violence, the protests in which innocent and often elderly people are harassed --we even see them in our public schools, and hear that they believe they have a 'right' to instruct OUR kids! And all of this in the face of deadly disease --which they spread to the heterosexual community by giving contaminated blood! Shame on You!

Homosexuals often use teen-suicide as an excuse for programs in the school to build the "self-esteem" of "innately gay" children. Yeah, right. There is a ton of information which discounts the existence of "innate homosexuality." But more importantly, you should ask the obvious question of whether homosexuals are less or better mentally fit than others. If they are less, then they are mentally ill and should be treated --which is what I have said all along. But if they are better, or the same, then why would they be more prone to suicide than anyone else. You might wish to add that most "homosexual" suicides are probably normal kids who have been seduced into an abnormal lifestyle encouraged by our schools and culture; or at the very least, they were probably suffering under the weight of excessive sexual harassment, in the form of our current crop of pathological sex-education programs. My point is that if a minority of the students are having a problem with the arrangement in any school, it is they, not the majority who must be counselled on how to deal with it. When anyone discusses the "suffering" of "gay students," remind them that the suffering of normal students --most students-- under these disgusting programs is more important to you.

Homosexuals and liberals in general rely on the separation between thought and action in modern society to keep their project of social reform on course. They know full well that their precious work could be crushed in one coordinated move of that great sleeping giant known as "The People." If even a minority of the populace would take their futures in their hands, would use their pocketbooks and vote to engage in a political act, liberalism would be crushed. And that is why they try to stifle any expressed design to "boycott Disney", while at the same time supporting the boycott of Colorado by homosexual activists. Every business maintains a profit margin. If a minority of the people (who comprise this margin) boycott their products, they lose --big!

Jodi Hoffman
National Co-Director
VOC-Victimization of Children/R.A.M.P.-Restore America's Moral Pride

That I agree or disagree with points made within this letter is not important: that the essence of homosexuality is freedom from accountability is important, irrespective of mental health status or alleged innateness of homosexuality. The homosexual lifestyle is a choice, not a condition.

I would be happy to coordinate the " [coordinated] move of that great sleeping giant." But it would take participation by EVERY ONE OF US and our move would need to be made quickly before their attacks could snuff yet another still small opposition to their licentious hedonistic invasion of righteous morality and decency. We CAN stop the homosexual agenda as well as Mary Calderone's sexual freedom from accountability movement and their contamination of American schools!!! Please do not do as I did and stick your head in the sand while the sexologists and homosexuals have their way with the parts of you that remain above the sand: the 'parts' that are exposed to whatever the 'government' says; the 'parts' that are vulnerable to attack without your voice to protect them; the 'parts' that go to school.


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