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The "Homosexual Agenda" is very real and is destroying children and families across the country? IT MUST BE STOPPED! On May 1st, Jodi Hoffman, a Florida mother of three, sued the Ft. Lauderdale public school district for teaching inappropriate sex education to over 220,000 children. An ABC/Disney-produced video teaches kids how to keep their parents from finding out they are receiving condoms, contraceptives and abortions. Other portions of the course promote abortion, pornography, homosexuality, adultery, masturbation, promiscuity, 'coming out', being "young and gay", cross-dressing and transsexualism. Children were also given photos of teenage homosexuals hugging and kissing, ads for nude strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services, two-woman nude shows, nude lap dancing and friction dancing and worse!

Jodi's husband, Paul, gave up his law practice to battle those who are destroying the family and to stop the promotion of homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, abortion and blatant sex instructions in our schools. He needs the help and support of all parents to win this battle. He is also preparing a lawsuit against the school district in Miami. This lawsuit marks the first time in history that sex ed curriculum has been so extensively challenged in the courts and is the model which will be used in every state. This case (JODI HOFFMAN vs BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD, CASE NO. 97-06619) is being hailed as "the trial of the century" by Washington, DC and is being closely watched from coast to coast. The time has come at last for this shutdown.

We must join forces to support them in their protection of our children! The Hoffmans have no income, yet they are determined not to give up their fight to stop the abuse of our children from coast to coast! The battle they are engaged in is setting the stage for the removal of sex education from the entire public school system.

Everyone is always wringing their hands, saying, "What can we do?" We've got the answer! Every parent should be able to contribute at least $10 toward stopping this abuse of our children and the degradation of the family. The cost of this current lawsuit is over $78,000.00. We cannot let this case lose! Please help us protect America's Children.

Please send $10 (or more) now to help support this fight!

R.A. M. P. - Restore America's Moral Pride


For more information, including the lawsuit itself (a great template for your own case), go to then click on "Sex, ABC and Disney: Hoffmans vs Broward County School Board" in the lower right corner of the opening screen.