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An Interview with the Hoffmans
October 10, 1997

Thanks go the the Hoffmans who granted the CAP an opportunity to share with you the responses to several of my questions. Prayerfully, the interview will help you in your fight to clean up our public education systems.

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Jodi and Dr. Paul Hoffman have granted us an interview and have agreed to let me share their comments and responses with you. This page presents the proceedings of the interview verbatim. I am your host, Thomas A. Carder, president of the ChildCare Aciton Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture. Welcome.

Greetings, Jodi and Paul. Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. And thank you for letting me share your feelings and thoughts with our visitors. Your battle with the government deciding for you (and all of us) what material is presented to children cannot be easy. Let me speak for our visitors and applaud you for your strength and convictions. We may all stand to benefit by your righteous aggression. By the grace of God and by your service to Him through your battle, we may actually see a reversal in the apparent trend of the American education system toward licentious disregard for wholesome morals, values, and our undeniable personal accountability to God's Law.

And to our visitors, feel free to email me some questions you would like to ask of the Hoffmans. I will certainly pose your questions to them. I am certain, if they have the time, they will respond. Be sure to check back often with the opening screen of the CAP website for a date and time of a webchat with the Hoffmans. You are welcome to join us.

On to the interveiw...

1. While many are aware of and support your fight to remove sex education from public schools, many more are not. How can we help you spread knowledge of your service and experience to the parents of America?

The best method we've found is by NEVER keeping quiet... We talk to grocery clerks, church members, doctors, waitresses, attorneys, repairmen and anyone else we meet. We pass out flyers, speak at lectures, radio talk shows (those who have call-in talk shows are terrific...) letters to the editor, etc...

2. In one of your emails to supporters you stated "What we accomplish here can and will have a profound effect on the entire nation." Will you expand on this? In particular, will you explain how your eventual accomplishment can have such a nation-wide impact?

Florida is a bellweather state. As such, whatever happens here has a huge impact on other states. Because ours is a secular lawsuit, it won't get thrown out of court for claiming First Amendment rights violations, as we have seen happen with so many other lawsuits in the past. What that means is that when we win, we win big, primarily because we've figured out how to beat them. Most all of the lawsuits filed in the past have lost. Without giving away our legal strategy at this point, suffice it to say, this lawsuit is definitely a horse of a different color. In fact, our lawsuit has already been picked up and used by attorneys in three other states!

3. How did you discover the inappropriateness of the sex education, and by what measure did you determine the sex education was inappropriate?

We became suspicious when we attempted to view the sex ed curriculum and were given excuse after excuse as to why we couldn't see it on that that wasn't where it was supposed to was being used in another classroom, etc. It was always a different story. I can't really go into a lot of detail at this time regarding what measure we used to determine inappropriateness (because the case is still pending).

4. Beyond monitoring of school curricula, what should we as parents watch for in sex education in our schools?

Listen carefully to your children. Ask them questions, always. After all, not many children are going to come home and say, "Hey, guess what, Mom? Teacher let us blow up condoms and toss them around the room today, then she pulled a fake [male anatomical reference] out of her purse, let us try on a flavored condom and invited us to lick it with her." This actually happened in a public school classroom. In fact, most kids are too ashamed and embarrassed to discuss the sex education which is being foisted upon them in schools.

5. You are now experts in fighting intrusive government dictation of school curricula. What would you recommend others do to confront issues of what they feel to be inappropriate material, sexual or otherwise?"

My best advice is to get as much community support as you can garner, them go after the school board. Most state statutes are actually good pro-family laws. Unfortunately, many school districts blatantly violate them, especially those who have members of the NEA in them. If all else fails, call us...we'll tell you how to file suit.

6. Some of us have heard that government specification of curricula is illegal -- that they doing so is against the Constitution. There is now probably no one better qualified to explain what business has the government to dictate anything to schools: things such as congressionally-mandated questionnaires and state/Federal control of curricula content. Would you offer us some insight on this?"

To the best of my knowledge, the goverment has no authority to control curriculum content. This is decided by each state and further by the individual school district. At least that's the way it's done here in Florida. I suppose I should add....that's the way it's SUPPOSED to be done.

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