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Entertainment Media Analysis Report

The King and I (1999), G
CAP Score: 95, CAP ID: 0.10

Thomas A. Carder
CAP President

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"The King and I", G (1999) -- FINALLY, a good family cartoon movie! In this animated version of the 1956 Rogers and Hammerstein's original classic, Anna, a school teacher was commissioned by the King of Siam to come to his palace to teach his kids. She taught them well...and she taught the king a thing or two. Noteworthy issues which MAY need your counsel include

  • the adolescent son of Anna climbing around on the outside of an ocean vessel during a violent storm trying to capture his pet monkey
  • a palace guard trying to kill the monkey with a sword and the boy being endangered by the sword-swinging
  • the near-death of the king after a hot-air balloon crash
  • Keystone Cop style rescue operations which could lead to improper conception of safety
  • a bad guy inciting Anna's boy to play in the weapons armory with the intent to kill the boy
  • teens running away to be together may place a possibly indelible impression in the early years: an impression the child may call upon later in life. Everything a child sees and hears may become a building block
  • a constant theme of threat by unholy power
  • praying to a false idol-god. BUT, at least twice I heard both Anna and the king say "God is merciful." And because of other comments in the show it was clear they were speaking of the God of Abraham, of the Universe; the Father of Jesus. A very, very nice touch!

    "The King and I" is a great family cartoon show. There is not even a hint of sex such as the shadow of a nude female in "Prince of Egypt." Not even a hint of God's name in vain! I am going to take a leap of faith and say there is not likely anything in this show that your parental counsel would not adequately redirect.

    I still wonder, though, why in the poster for the movie one of the king's small children is blue-eyed. Anna is green-eyed and all the king's other children and he are brown-eyed?

    FINDINGS / SCORING: The King and I (1999) CAP Thermometers

    NOTE: Multiple occurrence of each item described below may be present in the movie.

    Wanton Violence/Crime (W):
  • a boy risking his life to save a pet monkey
  • a soldier (or palace guard) swinging a sword at the pet monkey with the boy in the way

    Impudence/Hate (I)(1):
  • an invitation by a bad guy for the boy to play in the weapons armory
  • the teen son arguing with his father, the king, about the kingdom's rules and tradition
  • the teen son and his girlfriend running away to be together

    Sex/Homosexuality (S):
  • None noted

    Drugs/Alcohol (D):
  • None noted

    Offense to God (O)(2):
  • a theme of evil having power over people

    Murder/Suicide (M)(3):
  • None noted

    (1) As noted in CAP Special Report-001, "Investigation Area and Scoring Trend," of the six CAP Investigation Areas, Impudence/Hate was the strongest presence in all four movie classifications. It has a strong revelation about the entertainment media.

    (2) The use of the three/four letter word vocabulary without God's name is incorporated into the Impudence/Hate Investigation Area. The use of God's name with or without the three/four letter word vocabulary is incorporated into the Offense to God Investigation Area. There is no duplication. As required of the Holy Scriptures, unless God's name is used with reverence to His glory and praise, its use is considered in vain, whether literal or euphemistic.

    (3) Only portrayal of successful murder or suicide are incorporated into Murder/Suicide. Presentation of attempts to commit murder or suicide and deaths by police action or war are incorporated into Wanton Violence/Crime.

    Additional reviews of this movie may be located at "Movie Review Query Engine at Telerama."

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