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We of the ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) Ministry are fighting the good fight against, among other assaults on morality and decency, the homosexual movement, especially its on-going invasion into the lives of children. One of the objectives of the homosexual movement (the North American Man-boy Love Association - NAMBLA) is to lower or abolish the age of consent -- to make pedophilia legal. Another of the objectives of the homosexual movement is to introduce your kids and mine to the homosexual lifestyle before they even know what "sexual" is -- as early as kindergarten -- before parents and the church can instill righteous morals. Many liberal corporations extend to same-sex couples the same benefits offered to married heterosexual couples.

These invasions of all that is clean and wholesome are happening right now! Many telephone, internet and home entertainment services regularly donate to the organizers of not only the homosexual movement but to abortion services and to other ultra-liberal organizations bent on undermining the American family and wholesome ethics and morals: on lowering the already too low threshold of acceptance and on usurping parental auhtority. There is one such communication service provider which WILL NOT donate one dollar to any of these organizations -- Affinity4

Affinity4 does not spend one dollar on advertising that promotes sex and violence on television nor to other causes and organizations which are also contributing to moral decay in America. Unlike other communication service providers, Affinity4 does not support the practice of homosexuality, abortion and liberal anti-family agendas.

There are dozens of long distance programs, DSL and dial-up providers, satellite services, credit card providers and more. The cost differences between them are so slight it is almost meaningless. So, why should you switch your communications and entertainment carrier to Affinity4? In addition to the BIG reason above, here are more reasons to switch...

Affinity4 is Christian owned and operated. It is a premier program of its kind that offers you nationwide service. All of your Affinity4 long distance calls are reflected on your regular telephone bill. You don't have to dial special access numbers, prefixes or password codes - just dial your long distance calls normally using 1 + the number.

Affinity4 is a prominent telecommunications company that is giving back 10% of its domestic long distance revenues to pro-family organizations, conservative causes and Christian ministries such as the CAP. Affinity4 donates millions of dollars to various organizations and ministries every year.

In addition to long distance phone service, Affinity4 also provides

  • Digital Phone
  • Wireless
  • DSL and Dial-up Internet
  • credit card
  • Motorist Assistance

    Affinity4's long distance rates are always comparable to standard industry rates. Thousands of people each month are switching their communications and entertainment packages from other companies to Affinity4 because the people have made a moral decision to not support objectionable causes and groups when they pay their bills. Remember, each time you make a long distance call, log on to the Internet, use your wireless or digital phone or credit card with services such as AT&T and Sprint, you are making a "donation" to the homosexual movement, abortion programs, and many other organizations which slowly and sometimes invisibly erode righteous ethics and morality -- and who suffers the most? They who are the most vulnerable...the most impressionable...the children.

    Help us fight the good fight. Join this partnership between the ChildCare Action Project Ministry and Affinity4. Make the switch today! Simply call this toll-free number, 1-800-607-5142 and help CAP fight the moral decline of the nation today by signing up to Affinity4.

    PS. Remember! You must meet your obligations to support your church before you support other ministries such as the CAP. But the utility of making donations to the CAP through Affinity4 is that your donations to the CAP will be relatively isolated from, almost invisible to, your responsibilities to first support your church -- an elegant cooperation.

    With all of us cooperating, 10% of a $5.00, a $20.00, or a $50.00 long distance bill will make an enormous difference. After you've switched to Affinity4, every time you make a domestic long distance call, you will know your money is NOT going to corruptive and invasive organizations and programs but is going to a good Christian ministry -- is helping to fight the good fight with the help of Affinity4!

    A final comment about the choice to practice homosexuality. Yes, to practice homosexuality is a choice. Every single non-autonomic movement of the human body is a choice. No exceptions. No debate. It is a choice for which the practitioner is fully accountable as are we each accountable for our sinful choices. But know that s/he who choses to practice homosexuality is as precious to Jesus as s/he who does not. It is some of our chosen behaviors He hates.

    Thank you. Always in Jesus' name.
    Thomas A. Carder
    CAP Ministry
    A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Christian Ministry

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    Thomas A. Carder
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