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American Pie (1999), R
CAP Score: 41
CAP Influence Density: 2.77
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American Pie (R) -- another stereotyping of teens as drinking sex-fiends, with emphasis on sex.

In just the 44 minutes of the movie before I left, there was some very vulgar material in this yet another attempt by Hollywood to lower the standards of acceptance and to raise the expectations of vulgarity even further. So many people have emailed me with supposed justification for such programming with the sorry excuse that "It's rated R. Kids ain't allowed." And, as I said with South Park, there were folks in the theater obviously younger than 17. Maybe if mom and/or dad knew about the content -- more than the MPAA, promoters, advertisers, etc. can or will say -- some of those in attendance who were not yet 17 would not have been there. And if mom/dad knew of the real content, maybe they would not take their under-17 kids with them. Maybe not watch it with their over-17 kids. Maybe not watch it themselves.

American Pie was hailed by the advertisers as a cool and 'clean' movie with a couple hints of minor inappropriate material. This may be justification for some parents to let their kids see it since "it is not too bad" by the advertisements. But this movie was not fit for 17 year olds OR 70 year olds -- just another chip out of the wholesome foundation of ethics and morals this country once knew; another step in the further coarsening of our moral standards; another episode of childhood being ripped from our children.

I am a little gun-shy about how much to tell you about this movie, not because I don't want to spoil the movie for you -- I could not care less whether I spoil it -- my concern is for offending you. Let me try and you tell me, okay?

The movie starts out with a teen boy watching a porn flick on cable TV (audio present) -- and he is doing that which the entertainment industry and pansexualists want you to think about what teenage boys do if watching sexual material alone in their bedroom. The boy also performed this act with an apple pie, thus the name of the show. There are scenes with all the sounds and motions of oral sex -- more than once. One of the recipients of this 'favor' deposited into a cup of beer which was later drank by another boy. I am sorry folks, but it was there! Right on the screen! And if your kids go to see this movie, they will see and hear it! Plain and simple. There is much, much more regarding the attention to detail the producers went to, but I WILL NOT speak of that.

There were a lot of sexual offers, requests, and invitations; lots of bragging of sexual conquest, planning of sexual conquest, and BEING a sexual conquest; and talk, comments, and innuendo about sex. And on top of that there were at least four instances of teen drinking. And rear male nudity. Who knows (or cares) about what was in the rest of the show? I will never know. :o)

Almost forgot. The most foul of foul words? Yes, eight times. God's name in vain? Yes, six times. Teen drinking? Yes, four times. And much more. In just 44 minutes.

That's all I'm gonna say about the content of this, to use an expression of my sainted mother, 'dirty movie'. And for those of you underage emailers who claim our analyses help you decide which vulgar movies you want to watch, there are many really good parents out there who will and do use our analyses to stop underage viewing. And I am proud of and thankful for them. They are heroes in this day of corroded and corroding moral standards and ethics; this day of departure from God's expectations of us.

FINDINGS / SCORING: American Pie (1999) CAP Thermometers

As with Summer of Sam I will not present the listing of ignominy. The listing is on file with our operations forms and is incorporated into the scoring calculations, but I will not share it with you -- it is that bad.

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