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200 Cigarettes (1999), R
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Thomas A. Carder
CAP President

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"200 Cigarettes" (R)" -- was just ... just .. nothing! Nothing but foul language, booze, and sex. At least the half hour of it I watched was.

In that half hour, there were 33 uses of foul language, 21 of which were the most foul of the foul. Seven somewhat lengthy presentations of booze and drunkenness and 14 sexual issues were in that first half-hour, too. There was even talk of suicide, homosexual suggestion, and of course God's name in vain on that half hour. And to top off these ignominies, prostitution, smoking dope, suggestive dress, and vulgar gestures invaded the screen.

I have nothing more to say about "200 Cigarettes."

FINDINGS / SCORING: None computed. Please see the Executive Summary / Commentary

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