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(2003), PG-13

Analysis Date
CAP Final Score
CAP Influence Density
August 21, 2003
49 out of 100

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ALERT: To fully understand this report you should first visit the topics suggested by the CAP Site Map (Table of Contents). Further, if you do not want the plot, ending, or "secrets" of a movie spoiled for you, skip the Summary/Commentary. In any case, be sure to visit the Findings/Scoring section -- it is completely objective to His Word and is the heart of the CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Model applied to this movie.


If Scriptural references appear, the full text appears at the end of the Summary / Commentary likely using a mix of KJV and NIV.

(2003), PG-13 -- Chan again shows more of his cleverness, more of his unmistakable style and more of his ... self.

Cast/Crew Details Courtesy Internet Movie Database
Production (Hong Long): Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG), Golden Port Productions Ltd. Distribution (US): TriStar Pictures
Director(s): Gordon Chan
Producer(s): Bill Borden, Jackie Chan, Willie Chan, Alfred Cheung, Siew-Loong Tim Kwok, Candy Leung, Rick Nathanson, Albert Yeung
Written by/Screenplay: Bey Logan, Gordon Chan, Alfred Cheung, Bennett Joshua Davlin, Paul Wheeler
Cinematography/Camera: Arthur Wong
Film Editing: Ki-hop Chan
Casting: Leo Davis
Production Design: Joseph C. Nemec III
Art Direction: Alan Cassie
Viewed At: Driftwood Theater 6

Jackie Chan, the master of Rush Hour and R-13, is in yet another R-13. Both Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 earned R-13 scores and I suspect Rush Hour 3 for 2005 will be another PG-13 earning an R-13 score. And Chan again shows more of his cleverness, more of his unmistakable style and more of his ... self. Yes, there is nudity, Chan's nudity in this PG-13 with only convenience objects hiding his ... self. And there are loads of innuendo, comments and suggestions regarding sexual immorality, both hetero- and homosexual. [**, 1Ths. 4:2-5, 1 Cor. 6:9-10; Col 3:5]

A young Chinese lad of about eight years old, Jai (Alexander Bao) is the chosen one. Chosen to bear special power and authority because he was born in the fourth month of he year of the snake, born to possess and wield the power of an ancient medallion. The medallion is formed by two reciprocating halves which, when joined by Jai, give the power to give eternal life and many other powers. While in possession of it, Jai can give eternal life and super powers to anyone. Trouble is, the recipient must die then be resurrected by Jai.

Unscrupulous elements would do anything to possess immortality and super powers through Jai's touch. So, Snakehead (Julian Sands) abducts Jai to Dublin, Ireland to force Jai to give him immortality and super powers. Knowing Jai, with his compassionate heart, would resurrect him as Jai did for others, Snakehead commits suicide by drug overdose in front of Jai. [Exod. 20:13] All the resurrecting and power-giving happened without Jesus, of course and were thus cheapening and mockery of His holy Authority. This gives part of the reason this movie earned a zero score in Offense to God (O) [Gal. 6:7].

Hong Kong police officer Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) tries to work with Interpol, supervised by Inspector Arthur Watson (Lee Evans) and assisted by Agent Nicole James (Claire Forlani) to thwart the plans of Snakehead. While James and Yang have a slap-happy relationship, Yang and Watson do not seem to be able to work well together until Interpol Commander Hammerstock-Smythe (John Rhys-Davies) forces Watson to work with Yang which deeply offends Watson who does not let Yang forget it throughout the show -- until the end, of course.

The Medallion, according to the numbers is a very violent movie, and I agree. A quite comic movie but a very violent movie as well. Some of the comedian style of Chan freckles the plot and story, but so does a lot of martial arts violence, other action violence as well as gunfire to kill, beatings, death and brutally depictive multiple stabbings with a 12 inch blade. Caveat: These are professional actors, kids. Don't try this at home. I say that sarcastically because that is about the most useless cover-your-backside warning on the face of the Earth. It is about as effective as a 15 MPH speed limit sign. These are a few of the reasons The Medallion earned a zero score also in Wanton Violence/Crime. [Amos 3:10, Ps. 7:16]

But oddly enough, the movie earned 100 in Drugs/Alcohol. "But you said Snakehead committed suicide by drug overdose!?" Yes, he did but it was incorporated into Murder/Suicide rather than Drugs/Alcohol because the point is the suicide to manipulate, not the drug. A gun could have been used and the plot would have been the same -- to manipulate Jai into a desired behavior pattern. The CAP analysis model will not permit incorporation of any single behavior into more than one investigation area. In this way, no duplication is assured. While the investigation area scoring distribution is determined by which investigation areas negatively influential behavior is incorporated into, the final score and the influence density figure (ID) are not affected by this technique. When these figures are used together with the listing of findings in the Findings/Scoring section, we have "all the basses covered" for you. There is no other model on Earth like the CAP analysis model for measuring the relative amount of immorality in a movie. And it is copyrighted. You won't find anything like it anywhere else. Not legally anyway. And, yes, it could very easily replace the useless and misleading MPAA rating system.

Regarding the use of the three/four letter word vocabulary, there were three. [Col. 3:8]. God's name in vain was used eight times and all without the four letter expletive [Deut. 5:11].

There are some acts of noble and unselfish behavior but that is not what we do for you as mom/dad. We reveal the contents of a film which the MPAA, advertisers, promoters, etc. can't or won't reveal so you can be in a better position to make an informed decision whether a film is or is not fit for your family or yourselves (see "BEFORE you read on..." above). And we give you unique and copyrighted Rock-solid comparative tools to compare a sight-unseen (this movie?) with others you have seen which are acceptable to you. Please visit our report explanation page (or click on the set of CAP Thermometers in the Findings/Scoring section of this or any report page) for a full explanation of how to use the CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Reports to help you make your own informed decision.

Please be sure to read the listing in the Findings/Scoring section before you decide whether this movie is fit for your children.

SPECIAL NOTE: We will be reducing the volume of coverage in the Summary/Commentary section of our reports and the number of reports generated in an effort to reduce costs until full funding can be achieved. The Findings/Scoring section of each report, the heart of the analysis model, will NOT be reduced in any way.

Thank you for your patience as we diligently search for funding. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help us locate 501(c)(3) nonprofit funding and sponsors is encouraged to notify me.


If needed to focus or fortify, applicable text is underlined or bracketed [ ]. If you wish to have full context available, the Blue Letter Bible is a convenient source. If you use the Blue Letter Bible, a new window will open. Close it to return here or use "Window" in your browser's menu bar to alternate between the CAP page and the Blue Letter Bible page.

  • **"Nakedness" (display of nudity) is spoken of as dark, restricted, undesirable, shameful, etc. 47 times in the KJV from Genesis to Revelation.
  • 1Ths. 4:2-5 For you know what instructions we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body [which includes drives] in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God;
  • 1Cor. 6:9-10 Do you not know that the [unforgiven] wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
  • Col 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: ["Mortify" - nekroo {nek-ro'-o}: deprive of power." Members" - melos {mel'-os}: a member of the human body given up to immoral intercourse. "Upon the earth" - lying down. "Fornication" - porneia {por-ni'-ah}: illicit sexual intercourse. "Uncleanness" - akatharsia {ak-ath-ar-see'-ah}: in a moral sense, the impurity of lustful living. 'Inordinate affection" - pathos {path'-os}: lust. "Evil concupiscence" - epithumia {ep-ee-thoo-mee'-ah}: desire, craving, longing for what is forbidden. "Covetousness" - pleonexia {pleh-on-ex-ee'-ah}: greedy desire to have more. "Idolatry" - eidololatreia {i-do-lol-at-ri'-ah}: the worship of false gods, including man - or woman.]
  • Exod. 20:13 Thou shalt not kill. (NIV) Exod. 20:13 You shall not murder. [Suicide is murder of the self.]
  • Gal. 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
  • Amos 3:10 For they know not to do right, saith the LORD, who store up violence and robbery [plunder] in their palaces.
  • Ps. 7:16 The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head.
  • Col. 3:8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.
  • Deut. 5:11 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. [Vain is shav' {shawv}: emptiness, nothingness, vanity, such as an expletive. With or without the four letter expletive, the use of God's name in any way other than respect, reverence or thoughtful discussion is in vain. That includes the popular three syllable sentence with His name trailing it AND the misuse of Jesus' name.]

    ***Selected Scriptures of Armour against the influence of the entertainment industry***
  • Ps. 12:8 The wicked freely strut about [e.g., create progressively vile/offensive entertainment with impunity and no consequences to younger and younger audiences every year] when what is vile is honored among men [when enough people continue to defend it, embrace it, pay for it, enjoy it, want it]. [I call attention to Ps. 12:8 to warn of the creeping desensitizing power of "entertainment."]
  • Col. 2:8 Beware lest any man [by his influence] spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
  • 1 Cor. 15:33 (KJV) Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (NIV) Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.
  • Jude 4 For certain men* whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change [warp, distort, falsely represent, situationally redefine, counterfeit, conditionally apply] the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord. [*men: anthropos {anth'-ro-pos}, generic, a human being, whether male or female]
  • Matt. 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto [or for] one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto [or for] me.
  • Luke 17:2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. [cause by teaching or example]
  • Ps. 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.
  • John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
  • 1 Thess. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.


    As always, it is best to refer to the Findings/Scoring section -- the heart of the CAP analysis model -- for the most complete assessment possible of this movie.


    The Medallion (2003) CAP Thermometers

    Wanton Violence/Crime (W)
  • knife threat to neck with injury
  • assault by rifle butt to back of head
  • breaking and entering
  • assault weaponry
  • irresponsible handling of firearms
  • assault
  • beatings
  • arson to facilitate escape
  • child abduction, repeatedly
  • deaths by explosion/fall
  • gunfire to kill, repeatedly, frequently, once with child endangered
  • action violence, repeatedly, frequently
  • order to kill
  • drowning death
  • self stabbing
  • exceptionally graphic multiple chest stabbing
  • order to kill a child
  • death by mini plane impact
  • impalement gore
  • great falls without consequences

    Impudence/Hate (I)
  • three uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary
  • child endangerment
  • lie to hide identity
  • toilet humor (bedpan spill and human urination)

    Sexual Immorality (S)
  • adult in underwear
  • sexual innuendo, repeatedly
  • homosexual suggestions, repeatedly
  • male nudity with only convenience objects hiding genitals
  • attention to male privates, repeatedly
  • crotch kick
  • desire for nudity

    Drugs/Alcohol (D):
  • none noted (use of drugs to commit suicide was incorporated into Wanton Violence/Crime

    Offense to God (O)
  • eight uses of God's name in vain without the four letter expletive
  • mystic supernatural powers
  • unholy disintegration of human body, twice
  • unholy resurrection, repeatedly
  • power to move inanimate objects
  • unholy healing of machine gun fire
  • unholy healing of great falls
  • unholy healing of multiple massive knife stabbings
  • other unholy healings
  • unholy powers, repeatedly
  • inanimate object that can give life and take it away
  • unholy beast possession of human

    Murder/Suicide (M)
  • murder by fall, twice
  • suicide by drug overdose

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    There are some in the entertainment industry who maintain that 1) violent programming is harmless because no studies exist that prove a connection between violent entertainment and aggressive behavior in children, and 2) young people know that television, movies, and video games are simply fantasy. Unfortunately, they are wrong on both accounts." And "Viewing violence may lead to real life violence." I applaud these associations for fortifying 1 Cor. 15:33. Read the rest of the story. From our more than eight years of study, I contend that other aberrant behaviors, attitudes, and expressions can be inserted in place of "violence" in that statement. Our Director - Child Psychology Support, a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist concurs. For example, "Viewing arrogance against fair authority may lead to your kids defying you in real life." Or "Viewing sex may lead to sex in real life." Likewise and especially with impudence, hate and foul language. I further contend that any positive behavior can be inserted in place of "violence" with the same chance or likelihood of being a behavior template for the observer; of being incorporated into the behavior mechanics and/or coping skills of the observer. In choosing your entertainment, please consider carefully the "rest of the story" and our findings.

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