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Quest for Fire at 6:
Press Release for September 19, 1999

Violent and Sexual Video Shown to First-Graders

TEXAS - Ferris I.S.D. teacher's showing of violent and sexual film offends parents.

When Tawny Abalos picked her child up from school on September 1st, her 6 year old daughter informed her that she and other first-graders in her Ferris Elementary School art class had been shown portions of the R-rated movie, "Quest For Fire" (

The students, studying cave paintings in art class, had viewed the excerpts because their teacher wanted to show the students what cavemen were like, according to Abalos' daughter. The girl stated that she had seen, "a stick going through a man's mouth and coming out the back of his head, cavemen and ape-looking people hitting each other with rocks, cavemen eating a portion of a deer's leg while it's raw liver was on the fire, and cavemen laying around a fire with part of them naked."

Abalos immediately rented the 1981 movie which depicts a fictionalized account of what cavemen could have been like. Abalos states, "Not only did the violence traumatize my daughter, but the teacher presented evolution as fact which is contradictory to my beliefs as a Christian and a Baptist."

Abalos then met with the principal the following morning. The principal had viewed the video with the art teacher to verify what the children had been shown; the parts the teacher had shown the class. The principal told Abalos, "I told (the art teacher) that what she showed was too violent, and I have confiscated the tape. It won't be shown again." When Abalos asked what action would be taken, she was told, "I will immediately put out a memo stating that all videos shown must be rated G or be approved through me. The video has been taken, and it won't be shown."

Abalos asked the principal if she knew that there were several sex acts and cannibalism in the video? The principal said, "No, but I will view the [entire] video today." Abalos reported to the principal that her daughter said she had viewed nudity. The principal replied, "Well, this teacher is an art teacher. She probably viewed it like a naked statue -- like it was art." Abalos replied, "My daughter is only 6 years old and that wasn't art!"

Abalos' husband then reported the situation to the school superintendent where he was met with arrogance and a deaf ear. The superintendent then shuffled them to their "District Hearing Officer." A recorded statement of grievance was given to the District Hearing Officer on the 13th where the parents had asked for the teacher's resignation or termination and that the teacher never be eligible for re-employment with Ferris ISD. The District Hearing Officer then ruled on the 15th that there was, "no good cause for termination because the District Attorney could not provide a citation of any civil or criminal law that would apply to this situation and because the teacher made reasonable attempts to edit the inappropriate material." That same day, the Abalos' turned in their letter requesting they be placed on the September 21st local school board agenda.

Mr. Abalos, a deacon at Bristol Baptist Church in Bristol, TX says, "The presentation of this movie by the art teacher is abusive and is an abomination to God. As parents, we strive to teach our children the lessons and values of God's Laws. It is our responsibility as parents to teach discipline and respect to our children. We then hold the schools responsible for teaching the academics- not for displaying films with violence and which are conflicting with the values being taught at home. It takes a special person to be called to teach, and we need to be able to trust these people with the precious gift of assisting us in molding our children into who they are going to become. I am appalled that we have a teacher in our midst that considered this video teaching material".

Mrs. Abalos states, "How confusing it must have been for these children who had to view this video and to be shown that we were once apes who brutally beat and killed each other." Mrs. Abalos stated that she had found an Internet site, "Childcare Action Project" which analyzes movies for parents and grandparents by using the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as the standards for conducting it's investigations. The CAP site reports this movie as having, "warfare, killing by rock to head, spear killing, entry through mouth exit back of head, bloody human bones and body parts, threat by great cats" and "...63.1 examples of sexual material per hour plus 20.7 examples per hour of violence and murder..." The list goes on. You can see the report for yourself at People today wonder why incidents like "Columbine" happen. I believe it is a result of parents and teachers not taking action when a situation like this occurs. Children are shown so much filth on a daily basis that they are desensitized to it. God trusts us to raise up His children in the knowledge of His ways, and with love and protection. If we as parents don't stand up for our children, who will?"

The Abalos' report that The American Center for Law and Justice and The Rutherford Institute are both investigating this situation and are awaiting the school board's decision.

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