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Quest for Fire at 6:
Little Straight Pins

This article is posted in hopes that it will help you gain a perspective of the impact of the ignominy in the entertainment industry.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

Tom Carder
ChildCare Action Project:
Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

Billy (a high school freshman): "Dad, I want to go with the guys to see "Caustic Powers: The Guy Who Slagged Me." It is only PG-13! All my friends have seen it. And it is getting real hard to talk with the guys since they've all seen most of the latest movies and I haven't. They think I am a baby. My ethics class is making a project out of the movie and if I don't go I cannot contribute to the project. Yeah, there's a little sex, but you can't see anything. Phillip said a couple times two guys get a little close but all in fun. David told me some minor foul language is there, but only once or twice. I hear worse at school every day. Cisco said a few guys were chopped up but nothing that isn't shown on regular TV. Jonathan says God's name in vain is used a couple times but I can ignore that just as I can ignore all the other bad stuff. Darren said Powers' son cusses him out a couple times but you know I'd never talk to you that way. Besides, the guys tell me the real message of the movie is rescue through love and compassion. Movies just show things the way they really are, don't they? Why shelter me from them? And the special effects are awesome! Besides, I am much to intelligent for that stuff to change me."

Dad: "No."

Billy: " But Dad, how am I gonna face my friends? You GOTTA let me go."

Dad: "No." And in respect to you, let me explain why not."

"Recall that last new shirt Mom got you. Remember the little straight pins that hold the collar and sleeves in place? [Yes] Do you also remember our discussion of how a man's character (or a woman's character) is formed by *everything* s/he is exposed to every day, little by little, step by step, especially at your age? [Yes] Do you agree? [Yes] Now consider this."

"If you are careless with those little straight pins and lose them, they may be found later ....... painfully. Imagine them getting lost in the couch. They seem to develop a mind of their own: an attitude with only one focus, to make their point. Some work their way deep into the cushion and some just under or in the seat cushion cover. Wherever the pins end up in the couch, each time you sit you risk a stab on the backside ....... just because those little straight pins were treated carelessly."

"The pins buried just under or in the cushion cover will be the first to make their point with your glutei maximi. And after repeated uses of the couch, the deeper ones may eventually resurface and make their point. Some seem to stay buried until they get pushed around once too often. Even some won't resurface unless you sit down with an attitude. Then you may even find several pins at once! This is all assuming that you only use the couch to sit. How 'bout if you stretch out for a snooze and toss n' turn a time or two?"

"Each of the times you see or hear bad behavior in the movies can be thought of as a behavior template becoming buried in the couch of your mind -- your memory -- just like those little straight pins buried in the couch. There they serve as spontaneous and even contemplated choices of behavior, always poised ready and eager to make a point. Some of these behavior template pins are buried very shallow in your mind and resurface with very little provocation. Some are buried very, very deep and will only resurface if they (you) are pushed around once too often. Whatever provokes those behavior template pins to resurface -- whether one or many -- it is likley a painful experience."

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