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The Last Days (1998), PG-13
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Thomas A. Carder
CAP President

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"The Last Days" -- truly! This is NOT a movie for entertainment. It is a documentary about the final days of millions of Jews: the Holocaust! Spielberg of Dreamworks(tm) has amassed miles of film file footage about the Holocaust -- but why? Is there some need for my children or yours to watch nude brutalized and skeletonized humans stumbling about? Why was this movie released to the general public as PG-13 through entertainment movie houses if it was not intended to be seen by children?

Every atrocity and horror, imaginable and unimaginable, inflicted upon the Jewish population of WWII is seen. The sadism and pure evil inventiveness of Adolph Hitler and those under his influence were beyond belief. His implementation of control and extermination included death by starvation, death by dehydration, murder by machine gun fire, murder by poison gas, "walking dead," and cremation. File footage included pictures of nude bodies being thrown into a pile, death camp scenes, and more piles of nude dead bodies. In a still picture, cremators were standing by a body being fed into a crematory with their hands on their hips as if they were displaying their just-caught prize fish. Human biology experimentation, stories of mutilation of children by physically ripping them apart at the legs, and stories of children being thrown against a train drove even deeper the bewilderment that such a movie has been made whether historical or not.

Though I can accept the need to maintain quality historical records of human affairs and behavior, there is NO need for this movie to be released as entertainment. I understand that history is replete with a plethora of other examples of bizarre and despicable mutilations of humans, but none of them have been made into a movie for PG-13 kids. What's next? Are we going to see a movie of lions eating nude dead Christians, watching their teeth rip the flesh off bones? Are we going to see a movie that is *truly* accurate about the horrors our Lord suffered for our sake? These things happened, didn't they? Then that justifies such movies, right?

I am not going to feed "The Last Days" to the CAP Numeric Analysis Model to generate Investigation Area Numbers and a final score because the numbers, at least the Wanton Violence/Crime score, would be well below zero in just the first 20 minutes or so.

I do not often make any sort of recommendation on whether to watch a movie or not watch a movie, but I am going to recommend that you do whatever you can to prevent your children from seeing this "movie." But that's just my opinion. Now you know what is in it. The decision is, as it should be, yours.

Additional reviews of this movie may be located at "Movie Review Query Engine at Telerama."

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