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8MM (1999), R
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Thomas A. Carder
CAP President

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"8MM" (R) -- the purest form of celluloid trash. Since I could not stay for the entire movie, this report is just a commentary of what I observed. PLEASE heed it with sobriety and earnest.

I do not know if I can adequately describe the ugliness of "8MM" without being as ugly as it is. It is so dark and sinister that even I could not take it. I left after about 45 minutes. Sadomasochism, slashing murder, still pictures of child pornography, sequences of "adult" pornography -- REAL pornography not just imitations or depictions of it, and other examples of violations of His expectations which I will not mention herein PLUS all the language and other programming typical of R-rated movies. All in extremely dark, evil, soot-black settings and choreography. The movie started out as do many such abominations -- with a seemingly tame theme but always with a threat of becoming offensive -- one which merits constant caution on the part of the viewer. Not too long after the movie started the real trash started.

One of the lines in the show "[If you] Dance with the devil, you don't change the devil - the devil changes you" made me wonder if the producers really knew how accurate they were. There is great danger in "dancing" with this celluloid 'devil' without the Armour to shield you. It possesses the typical technique of the entertainment producers to embed and hide the acid under a seemingly neutralizing theme initially then suddenly splashing your senses with irreverent invasive programming that jolts you down to your toes.

Another serendipitous comment in the script was "Some things that are seen cannot be unseen." Again, I wonder if the producers knew how accurate they were in writing that. As an ex-medic I can tell you this is true. A human cannot look for the first time upon traumatic disfiguring death without being changed; maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. Likewise with some of the scenes of "8MM." For some, there may be never-before-seen programming in "8MM" that may be indelible, ESPECIALLY for the impressionable.

If you have come to see the famous CAP Thermometers for "8MM" and listing of ignominy in it, I am sorry but I did not crunch the numbers since it was a partial viewing, not knowing at the time that the CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Model works as well (is as accurate) for a portion of a movie as for the entire movie.

"8MM" is NOT a movie to toy with -- to "dance" with.

FINDINGS / SCORING: No scoring. Please see Executive Summary / Commentary

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